Unknown.jpegThe article  brings spot light on  ‘Amazing covers of Havana by Camila Cabello’ posted by Joy Malsawmhlui. Malsawmhlui has selected various versions of the hit song Havana by Camila Cabello posted by a few YouTubers. Camila Cabello, an American-Cuban singer was once a member of Fifth Harmony. Her song Havana ft. Young Thug gained global popularity which is reflected in these ‘outstanding’ covers by the 4 YouTubers.

The first artist is Scarlett Rose. She gives a great performance of the song using the recorded bits of the background music. Her version is not quite different but it makes you groove just like the original.

The second cover is by the band called Over Atlantic. It’s a remix of the original and entirely different. They have added their own touch to the song, making it more lively. You’ll find yourself dancing on the beats of their instruments. It’s fresh and riveting to say the least.

J Nissi Elisha sings a Bisaya version of the famous song. As it is not in English, not everyone can understand it. She skillfully uses her guitar to contribute to her short cover of the original.


Scarlett- Darleen’s cover is not an exact replica. She starts the song with a little shimmying of her shoulders just like we all feel when we hear the original, don’t we? She can be seen enjoying the song which makes her cover worthy of being mentioned in the article.

All these YouTubers provide varied versions of the original hit. Some have totally transformed the original while others have tried to maintain the novelty of the song. Malsawmhlui has covered some great renditions of the song which will definitely make you want to shake your leg, just like you do for the original.