One of the most popular fields of entertainment these days is music. There is every kind of music for every mood. Everyday new singers emerge and gift us new songs. What make singers great are their voice, and their style of singing. Many singers become popular soon while many other struggles for a long time. Today I will be talking about a singer who had her fair share of struggle and is now one of the most popular and most loved singers.

Neha Kakkar is an Indian singer. She launched her first album in 2008. Some of her famous works include the songs “London Thumakda”, “Aao Raja”, “Sunny Sunny”, etc. From a contestant on a reality television show to being a judge for future singers, life came full circle for this vivacious singer. She started singing when she was four. She grew up with the same passion of singing like her sister. Although she didn’t make it to the finals in Indian Idol, yet she didn’t lose hope. She was adamant, and she worked hard. Now the sweat she broke during her struggle, lies on the floor sparkling from the brightness of her future.

“People appreciated my voice saying that you sing well but nobody ever told me that I am a great singer and I wanted to prove that. So, I polished my voice a lot so that people actually appreciate my voice.” These were the words of Neha which now serve as an inspiration for the future singers.

Life is short. If you want to do something, do it now. It is never too late and never too early to start anything. You just need to have faith, confidence and sheer determination. If you want to check out songs and videos of Neha Kakkar or read more about her, you can go to

By: Karan Bansal