Paris, the European capital for love and romance is ideal for a weekend get-away – and not just at spring time as is so often said. Winter heralds many cultural events and summer is lazy, balmy and almost sizzling.

The city of lights, the city of love, a city on everyone’s travel list, or honey moon destination.Let’s see what Paris has got, for it is the Fashion capitol of the world, the city where people fall in love, and not just with each other, alsowith food, fashion, nature, architecture and what not.

Paris is always a good idea, too good to return home, you don’t need a reason to visit Paris, for it is the reason. To lose yourself in the midnight magic and re-discover the new you every morning is an art only Paris can pull off.

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To be lost and found in the illusions of the heart throbbing architecture of Paris is every architect’s dream. To live in Paris is having a lifetime fantasy come true. The food, to sit on a street stall on a cosy evening and to taste the best food in the world to help you deal with a day’s stress is perks of living in Paris. Ending the day with a book in hand, sitting in the balcony with a coffee to ease and the sight of night sky filled with a million stars sharing million stories is a spectacular view.

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They mean it when they say, “A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere else.” So, pack a bag, book a ticket, fly to Paris, fall in love, meet new people, get lost, be found, drink coffee, go shopping, have fun, re-discover yourself and all just in Paris.