Parking, one of the most hectic daily rituals people have to deal with – especially if you live in a big city. There are hosts of people, cars and system regulations that make parking your car a dysfunctional day-to-day job. Especially in the peak time of the day, there is immense traffic on the road and you have to find a place to park your vehicle. No matter how convenient your life gets in a metropolitan, one job that is not getting any easier is parking.
Drivers have to suffer from uncertainty and problems that stem from high prices, law restrictions and crowdedness of the space. Cars are the preferred form of transportation for travelers in London, and more than 23 percent of travelers have to deal with parking problems. That totals to a staggering number of people who crave for the convenience of parking their vehicles with ease. There are various parking service providers in London, and one of the most renowned brands of them all is Just Park.
Just park is a highly efficient parking service, which aims to make your experience convenient. The brand works as a technology platform that searches for the most appropriate parking space for you nearby. Their mission is to make parking as easy as it can get through its advanced service. Their online app has received major acclaim and by 2018 has become the most popular parking app on the app store and play store. As of 2018, over 2.5 million travelers have availed their five star rated services.
The brand began its functioning in 2006 from London, with the primary aim of providing comfort and ease for parking across the city. Soon, the brand started growing dramatically and through the years has established itself as a major service provider. They have provided parking technology to some of the biggest property and hospitality brands including Marriott, Hilton, JLL and BT, to name a few. Just park has been bestowed with various awards that include 2017 and 2018 British Parking Awards, Crowdcube’s app of the year award and many others. This all is the result of their impeccable performance in the parking business. When it comes to pricing, the brand makes sure to price its products at the best value rates. Despite reasonable pricing, they provide major price-cuts through their Just park discount codes that make their services even more affordable.
A path-breaking brand, Just Park is one of the most innovative services in UK that utilizes modern technological advancements to ease parking experience for its customers. Just park makes travelers day-to-day experience highly convenient and takes great pride in its ability to facilitate that. To conclude, there are multiple brands of all kinds of services in UK, and it is the same case with parking service. In 2018, it was the number one app on play store when you search the term – ‘parking’. Its dominance in the industry is clear; you just cannot go wrong by choosing Just Park as your parking assistance.