For some of us, travelling is a kind of meditation, which brings us peace. In an article dated December 18, 2017 in the ‘Travel’ category there is a compilation of the best vlogs describing top places to visit in the month of June. In the month of June, the students have their summer vacations and it just a matter of time when the year’s first monsoon hits the land. So, families like to travel to hill stations. Around eight places are listed in the vlog, the eighth being Mahabaleshwar, a hill station located in the Sahyadri mountain ranges of Maharashtra. The next place, ranked number seventh, was Nainital where people can relax and soak in the beauty of the mystic mountains. Another one of the famous tourist places is Manali, which even holds religious significance due to the presence of temples like Hidimba. In the month of June, people also experience snowfall, which is a dream for many. The fifth place is Dharamshala, which is a 7 to 8 hour drive from Manali. Tourists usually visit Dharamshala and then travel to Manali. The next place is Shimla; it is a majestic place as people can never get enough of it. You fall in love, every time you visit this place. People love it so much that they have named Shimla as the “Queen of Hills”. The place which occupies the third position is – Sikkim. It has a charm of its own and another famous tourist attraction. The second place is Srinagar. It is said that you cannot just visit Srinagar once; you always come back for more. The place which occupies the top position is Ladakh. The temperature is very pleasant in June, and many bike trips are also arranged for a trip to Ladakh.

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