Indian food is acclaimed world over. It is a complete blend of the rich aroma of flavours and spices and the wholesome quality of traditional cuisine. Keeping up with the diversity of religion, caste, creed, provinces and states, the best of India’s cuisines present the same level of diversification and has a long rich history like its civilization. Culinary habits in India is a kind of art being indulged in every important occasion of life. The methods, secrets, traditions, recipes are all a legacy that has been passed on through generations partly by word of mouth and partly through family traditions and practices.
Andaman cuisine is heavily sedated with the best of various cultural influences of whoever treaded this remote land since centuries. It is hence a burning medley of the happy mix of Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and various other religions. Food of Andamans is an ever fulfilling tasty treat to human senses. The main ingredients that are used for the dishes such as vegetables are mostly indigenous, grown with love and care in these remote islands. Refresh yourself, relax and cherish the cool invigorating green coconut water while lazing on the beaches, a perennial source of refreshment for all visitors. Let us get bowled over by food flavours with some of the best and tastiest of dishes from the land of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Fish Curry

Fishing is common in the seas around Andaman and Fish Curry forms a universally loved and cherished dish from Andaman. There is an abundance of a great variety of fish in the ocean around and each one has a typical flavour and a way of cooking that brings out the best of that variety. Fish curries cooked in tamarind or coconut milk is light and good to taste. Fish curries can be spicy that is cooked in thick rich gravy or in a light, less spicy gravy as per taste. The fish is cooked in a mix of spices, onion, garlic, ginger, garam masala or five spices would be a delight to food lovers. Seafood lovers need to definitely attempt this recipe when in Andaman. Lots of vacationers like to a taste this fish curry. Try the Nicobarese fish curry or the Andamani fish curry to get the authentic flavours of the region. Some other delectable recipes of fish would include Tandoori fish, Grilled fish, Fish n Chips and Chettinad fish curry that surely need to be tasted and enjoyed.

Coconut Prawn Curry

Rich, succulent prawns freshly caught from the seas around are slow cooked in a creamy coconut milk curry has an exotic light flavour to add an extra mile to your culinary exploration in the land of Andamans. It carries an authentic taste of Andamans and tastes best when served with fluffy long-grained steamed rice.

Amritsari Kulcha

The Amritsari Kulcha is a simply cooked but ostentatious dish from Andaman. This is delicious variety of Indian bread served with vegetables, and veg and non-veg dishes. The bread is made from flour dough and is stuffed with lots of herbs, onion, coriander leaves, seasonings, potato or cottage cheese fillings to make it tasty and wholesome. The ingredients and seasonings of Amritsari Kulcha might vary according to demand and cooking style of the restaurant but the basic method of baking it Indian tandoor oven or thick pan or tawa on stove top remains the same. Since this dish originated from Amritsar in Punjab, it acquired the name of the city.

Chilli Curry

Chilli Curry is a delicious and common dish of the picture-perfect land of Andaman. As the name suggests, this dish is hot and happening to the extent of being fiery, aromatic and tangy. It is actually cooked from fresh pan-fried mild chillies, onion, sesame, peanut, tomatoes and mix of fragrant spices. This dish of chilly curry is a favourite of the tourists and travellers who tread to the Andaman soil in search of a cool vacation with spell-binding food.

Macher Jhol

Macher Jhol is again the Bengali version of the aromatic and richly flavoured fish curry. There are many places to visit to Andaman where you get this mouth-watering dish. This daily-life recipe of the land of Bengal where fish is a staple diet. Medium-sized fish chunks are cooked in a light gravy of cumin, chilly powder, coriander, turmeric powder, garlic onion, tomato puree and sprinkled with coriander leaves for added fresh flavours based on taste. Sometimes a twist is given to the traditional recipe of macher jhol by adding big slices of potato and pieces of cauliflower too.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala contains juicy bite-sized pieces of chicken slow-cooked in a veritable combination of yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, salt, cumin, garam masala or five spice mix and paprika. Marination and lots of tomato puree and fresh cream add that extra zing to this dish of chicken tikka masala to make it a favourite of all. This is a common and tasty North Indian dish available in most of the Andaman restaurants. It is served best with steamed rice or Indian bread platter.

Barbequed Dishes

Barbeque is an enviable method of cooking food which is universally liked by young and old food lovers from all corners. When in Andaman you cannot definitely miss the wide range of Barbecued dishes. Fresh catch from the seas such as Sardines, Mackerels, Crab and King Prawn are barbecued to perfection in hotels and restaurants big and small. Enjoy barbecue in the middle of a cruise, on the ship while you float mid-ocean or in the middle of the jungles where you have tread while in your sightseeing venture.

Sea Food Delight

Sea foods form the most exciting and main cuisine of Andaman. The restaurants serve very tasty and authentic dishes of Lobster, Khadi Crabs, Prawns, King Fish and Squid Fry. The squid rings and cuttle fish make some incredible dishes loved by seafood lovers all around. Catch up with some finger-licking seafood that will make your visit to Andaman memorable.