I think fashion is very personal and is also subjective. It is how you put yourself out there and how you choose the world to perceive you and remember you. But, most importantly, it is how you express yourself and how you showcase your personality without having to say anything. My favourite article in this category of fashion is the pregnancy look book. Why? Because that’s what the difference is between this website and thousand other fashion websites. It is the various articles catering to not only most of the fashion-conscious youth but also the inclusivity of the people from other areas. Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s life changes along with her body, when she has doubts about herself and when she doesn’t feel the best about her body. By empowering women to not only feel positively about their bodies but also having them experiment with their style is in my opinion, a wonderful idea. The article suggesting different looks for pregnant women would make them feel inquisitive about how they can try different clothes and how the little baby bump can act like their favourite accessory. It is a way which can help them to embrace their changing bodies. What I furthermore like about the article is that it contains the combination of both western and Indian looks for women to choose from. As the western looks from foreign bloggers can sometimes be a little difficult to find in the Indian market and some women do not wear the western clothes, including the Indian traditional styles by an Indian blogger is a perfect way to help bring all women with different backgrounds together on a single platform. A great article is the one which doesn’t only cater to the majority group but also includes different people from different backgrounds in different situations and circumstances.

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