Internet in today’s century has become an integral part of our lives. Whether to perform any actions like sending emails, digging out information, streaming videos or connecting people from far off place, everything depends on the internet. What if you could perform all these actions in one place? Yes, AOL Desktop Gold software has brought a sparkle in people’s eye. It has been labeled as the best product in the market for offering high-end security features.

An individual can avail all desktop features at one stop. No need to access different websites for performing different actions like browsing, emailing when everything is available at a single platform. But at times due to high traffic, there arise some technical glitches which bring repercussion in the performance for that point of time. Taking an example of notification ‘AOL Desktop Gold disappeared’ error on your desktop screen, this may restrict you from using your email account. What if you can’t make a click on it? To know the answers, just follow this guide.

We have collected an awesome piece of information to make you understand the troubleshooting methods to fix it. Further, you can also connect with our AOL experts using our toll-free number. For more, read the guide till the end.

What is the cause behind AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing?

Before coming to the troubleshooting procedure, you must understand the root cause behind the issue of ‘AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing’:

The desktop icon may have been deleted while organizing your desktop
In case you have skipped manual update many times and automatic update tool failed to work
Maybe you have installed any antivirus that erupts from issue
Compatibility of system and software is not matching
Hardware related issue.

Quick-fix solution for AOL Gold disappeared Issue

Everything has got the right time and implementing it accordingly will be beneficial. Hence, apply the below given resolving steps to eradicate the issue and bring the software to normal mode. Let’s start:

We have provided two ways to rectify the problem:

Solution 1: AOL Desktop Gold Installation Process

This error may have occurred if by mistake you have deleted AOL software while deleting some other files. Thus, in such a situation you will have to Download AOL Desktop Gold again. And, to do so, follow the given methods consecutively:

Go to the web browser and go to AOL website
Navigate to download option
When the download is done, save the file on your computer
Now, run the file and follow the onscreen instructions to install AOL Gold
Once installed, make a right-click and create a shortcut

Important: Creating a shortcut will show missing AOL icon appear on the home screen.

Solution 2:- Process To create a shortcut of AOL Desktop Gold

If the AOL Desktop Gold is already installed then just go through below given steps to recover AOL missing icon:

Go to the right corner of the system tray
Now, right-click on AOL icon
Lastly, click on ‘create a new AOL icon’ option

Note: Keep in mind that missing an AOL icon does not mean you don’t have AOL installed on your computer.

Know Other AOL Desktop Gold Issues

Alike to the icon missing issue, AOL gold users may face some other kind of errors. Do have a look:

AOL Desktop Gold download error
AOL Desktop Gold mail missing issue
Slow speed of AOL Desktop Gold Software
AOL Gold not responding

Still Coming across AOL Desktop Icon Missing Error? Apply these Simple Tricks to fix it:

Is your “AOL icon disappeared” issue still persists? Then, you definitely need to choose these fixing solution and dissolve the error:

Remove AOL broken shortcuts from Desktop
Close System Maintenance Troubleshooter
Deactivate Task Scheduler
Delete ‘Icon.db’ Cache file

Connect with the technical expert

Connect With AOL Customer Service
Are you also a victim of AOL Icon missing error and want an instant solution? In this situation, the user can directly reach the senior expert via a toll-free number. You need to convey your problem in detail. Just wait for a few minutes, and you will be reverted with a permanent solution. You are allowed to call us whenever they need assistance as we are present all round the clock, 24*7.


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Summary: In this article we described the suitable methods to resolve AOL Gold Icon Missing problems. Furthermore, if you face any kind of issues related to AOL Desktop Gold you can write us or visit our website.