Traveling is an integral part of today’s lifestyle so you should travel whenever you get time. There is no need of a too much of planning, you got the time just pack your stuff and just go. Travel to a place which is new, fresh and can teach you something like the culture of that place, food, language and the best part is the lifestyle of the people living there. Places like Pokoli (Goa), Leh Ladakh, Rann of Kutch, Ooty (Tamil Nadu), Munnar (Kerala) are the places where a person should definitely go once in his life. These places reflect the natural beauty and you don’t want anyone to disturb you, the only thing you want is to relax.

Rann of Kutch (Gujarat), is such a beauty. You will not find anything except white sand desert. But believe me it’s one of those natural beauty which you should not miss witnessing. First, you need to travel from Delhi to Ahmedabad and then travel 272 KM by bus to reach the Rann of Kutch. It gets very exhausting as the temperature there goes high up to 45 Degrees and then when you see the sunset in front of your eyes, all your weariness vanishes away. Then one may enjoy late night campfire because you probably won’t believe it but temperature at the night goes down to zero degree and that’s the specialty of Rann of Kutch. Make sure to carry some good blankets and thermals as well.

The next at the Rann of Kutch can be a ride on a camel to get a holistic feel of the desert. Not very far is the Mandvi Beach which is in Bhuj, 102 KM away from there. One should not miss the shopping experience there. Some embodied cloth, bed sheets, Bandhani fabrics and enameled silver wear is what Kutch is famous for.

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