Delhi is a place for foodies and there are people in here who love everything related to food, including me!

There are eclectic variety of cuisines that a person can choose from. We Delhiites are not only multi-cultural in terms of ethnicity, language or clothing but we also believe in experimenting every cuisine with the same exhilaration. In today’s era of digitalization, our virtuoso food bloggers and vloggers leave no area unexplored and they also help in making the masses aware of these hidden gems.

Without these talented vloggers we wouldn’t be able to try different cuisines and watch those scrumptious videos that entice us to explore those places and eat until our hearts are fully satisfied.

With their reviews we get to know which place is worth going to and which place can be avoided. We also get to know which dish we should try first and the most trending dishes that are served at that outlet. There are certain food items which gain popularity only because of the enormous publicity levels by these bloggers and vloggers, and these places become famous for their respective publicized dishes. Well, credit goes to our youth for that!

Promotions through word of mouth has now become old-school and a much expeditious and influential way of digital promotions has taken its place. Be it a negative review or a positive one, every word spread like a wild fire and it has its own pros and cons. Now there is no need to spend money on offline techniques like banners or hoarding as that money can be utilized for vlogger or food blogger meet-up at that restaurant and it is way more economical than the traditional method of marketing.

Thus, appreciation should be given to our young and creative food bloggers and vloggers who take so much effort to make those fascinating videos that force us to try that food item ASAP!!