Thai Food is one of the indulging experiences to have an immersive experience in Thailand. The high-end food of Thailand celebrates authentic flavors of lemongrass, coconut, ginger, mustard greens, chili, and lime. The reverent dishes like the Pad Thai Noodles, egg noodle soup, stewed-pork, Thai Curry, fresh salads, and rice bowls have a sumptuous flavor and feel that is exclusive to this country.

On a trip to Thailand on shall find several restaurants, both Thai and International, which serve the taste of the world with exquisite pleasure. But the authenticity of the Thai style of cooking, the explosion of flavors and celebration of Thai cuisine is made only in a selected few. For food lovers, Thai food is a whole new menu of tastes that aren’t just exotic but relishing too. Here are some of the restaurants that serve the best local cuisine in Thailand!


Renting its name from the two chefs of the restaurant Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones, Bo.Lan is an exclusive restaurant serving some of the exclusive Thai dishes to its customers. The chefs have trained under the Michelin star chef David Thompson (London) and started with their authentic Thai restaurant in Bangkok. With lush interiors and a comforting ambiance, the restaurant sets the mood right to indulge in authentic style Thai Noodles, rice, etc with impressive flavors.

Bo.lan is an organic restaurant and a testament to this is the small farm shop that is right inside the restaurant and is always open selling organic ingredients, vegetables, fruits, oils and pastes for authentic Thai cooking. From a La Carte menu to on table services, the texture, serving style and the experience of dining at this restaurant is par excellence. Steamed salmon, Laab salad, Thai curry, grilled prawns and Nam Keng sai ice cream is a must-taste here.

Baan Home Cuisine, Lumpini Park

‘Baan’ is a Thai word meaning Home. And the restaurant is one of the hidden secrets of Wireless road beholding its love for 100% authentic Thai food. The Michelin star chef Ton gathers his knowledge from his years of practice, memories of his childhood and the authentic Thai cuisine to put together a menu that is nothing short of a surprise.

Taking you ahead of the regular fried rice or noodles, the restaurant is a rather homely style set-up where more attention is given to the ingredients and the way the dish has been cooked. For an affirmative experience of authentic Thai food like Khao Pad, Som Tum, etc Baan is the perfect home!


Bringing the ancient recipes and their unique interactions to the place, Nahm is run by a Michelin star chef with an inclination towards authentic Thai flavors. You should definitely include this restaurant in your Thailand Tour Packages if you want to experience the finest restaurant in Bangkok. Nahm keenly uses only the finest of ingredients, flavors, and textures to put a dish together.

Following the ancient style of cooking and picking only organic fresh produce, the chef focuses on integrating a delightful food experience for all its customers. With a homely environment and an engaging aura, it is but a delight to savor the Thai flavors in a comfortable set-up.

Saffron by the Banyan tree

Banyan Tree is one of the iconic hotels and restaurant chain is known for its hospitality and services. Saffron – the restaurant opened its doors for the customers to experience nothing but authentic Thai food in a pleasurable and convenient environment.

On the 52nd floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel, this restaurant has its enigma of serving the most ancient Thai dishes that comprise a perfect cuisine experience. Thai soups, salads, rice, and noodles have a zing in here!

Steve Café and cuisine

Breaking free from the usual dining styles, the Steve Café is a luxury cruising experience offering a riverside view, live ballet performances and stunning spectacle of thousands of fishes swimming in the river. And in addition to this glory is the mind-blowing variety of dishes that the restaurant freshly cooks from chosen quality ingredients.

It is acclaimed that none of the dishes are prepared here in advance. And so one can experience the tranquility of indulging into authentic Thai food that is freshly prepared from quality ingredients only! Pad Thai Noodles, Khao Suey and sticky rice are popular items to order.

Pork Knuckle Street Food

For a little budget-friendly taste of authentic Thai food, the Pork Knuckle Street Food stall at Yaowarat Street is very popular. With a comfortable seating experience, this stall serves the finest of flat Thai noodles, Satay, variations in fried rice, curries, and soups.

Come evening, the guests get into the taste of the authentic Thai Cuisine and also a barbeque sauce version of them. All of this and more variants are available here for really cheap!

Suppaniga Eating Room

Borrowing the teachings of her mother, and her hometown, the owner Eh opened the Suppaniga Eating Room to make the world taste authentic Thai Food. The chic and comfortable décor with open terrace and home-style build of the restaurant invites the guests to explore the wide range of Thai dishes and pair them up with Cocktails.

The restaurant is famous for its authentic style of cooking adapted from Trat (Eh’s home on the east coast of Thailand) and Khon Kaen (Eh’s family’s current residence). Revering the taste of sticky rice, Thai curries and more with indulgent flavors of Thai herbs and bamboo shoot cooking is very much fascinating.

Issaya Siamese Club

A 100 years old house with wooden verandah and old-fashioned built invites guests from around the world to taste as much old-style dishes in Thailand. While the homely feel and vintage décor of the restaurant is setting trends, the club is known for its iconic cooking style and touching base on the authentic taste of Thailand.

The charm of this restaurant lies in its use of spices and herbs in crafting the best-known soups, salads, and subtle flavored fried rice.

When in Thailand, you cannot miss out on the flavors, textures, and taste of the local cuisine. And the best places to get equipped with Thai Cuisine are these beautiful restaurants holding firm to their motherland and its rich offerings. Which one are you picking?