Style is way to say who you are without having to speak. There are various occasions in one’s life where we need to look our best. Be it a job interview, date, family function or party. There is no such thing as second impression, let your first be the best. The key to influence is to be yourself. Let your clothes do the talking about your personality. Wear what you are comfortable in and yet makes you look just perfect for the occasion. Make sure you wear it with confidence. It is usually advised to wear an outfit you have worn before. Wearing it for the first time in public and that too at a special occasion will make you feel and look ill at ease. Which in turn makes you and everyone else question your choice of clothing. The dress code obviously is different for different occasions. At a job interview you might want to stay conservative and choose something that is not provocative or alluring. Dress for the job you want. A corporate job will demand a more formal outfit like pantsuit or dress suit whereas a job at a café may require a more casual yet appealing clothing style. A blind date asks you to dress the way you want to be seen. Flaunt your best features. However, it largely depends on what kind of an outing it is. Dinner at a fancy restaurant? Well put on a nice dress and some minimal jewellery to go with it. And surely there is nothing quite as powerful as a woman in new shoes. Guys on the other hand might want to pair a nice pair of trousers with a shirt. And do make those shoes shine. Whatever be the occasion, you can have anything you want if you dress for it. Your appearance needs to establish your right and reason to be in that room. Wear what suits your character and set trends by yourselves.


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