Rohtang Pass, is a high mountain pass on the eastern Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas around 51 km from Manali. It connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys of Himachal Pradesh, India.

It is not just an entry to the Himalaya’s but an entry to the most heavenly creations of nature which opens the door directly to a fantasy land. The weather throughout the year will tease your feelings and emotions taking you away from your busy work life. From a group of friends, lovers or a happy family, this place serves immense peace and joy in the heart of every visitor. Two main attractions namely Rohtang pass and the Snow Point will help you let go of all your worries and have the time of your life with your loved ones. Play, eat and rides on snow – and do I to your heart’s content. The snow ball fights accompanied with hot Maggi and hot chocolate will melt your heart just like the snow. The snow peaks, origin of rivers and clouds touching your feet will make you feel like you’re in a Shah Rukh Khan movie in real, for once. The pass is around 52 km from Manali. The transport via road is very convenient. This is one the major tourist spots touching Himalaya’s. One will be awestruck by the road journey to the final location. Blinking your eyes will be difficult because you wouldn’t want to miss out the scenic beauty of this tourist spot. People at large visit this place as a get away from their city life. You can plan to visit a lot of other tourist spots nearing to Manali and Rohtang pass as well. For people who choose beaches over mountains, this creation of nature will make you fall in love with the vanilla-colored-mountains. Assuring one will bag visual and happy memories along when they leave.


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