Have you heard about a smart home? Or the Internet of Things. Then we welcome you to read the article. Home automation, smart home, and internet of things – all these are interconnected. In home automation, you can schedule the appliance to do a certain task at a specific time. Smart home and internet of things is a concept where the electronic appliances get connected via messages and voice commands. In this article, let us focus on smart gadgets for home.

There are lots of smart home devices in the market. But you should always select the best for proper integration of the smart devices. If the devices do not integrate well, their performance will not be satisfactory. So, before purchasing a smart electronic appliance, ensure that it is compatible with the smart home systems such as Alexa or Google Echo.

Shall we look into the models of smart gadgets for home?

1-Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Do you want to clean your home without doing physical activity? Then you should go to the robot vacuum cleaners. This device will clean the floors and every corner of your house. You can try the iRobot 600 series Roomba vacuum cleaner for your home. It has an i-adapt navigation system for automatic navigation. It starts working with a push of a button and has dirt detect technology that makes it more efficient. The price is almost 22K. This is one smart gadgets for home you should have as part of the cleaning system.

2-Clocky Robotic Alarm

Do you struggle to get awake every morning? Then the Clocky Robotic Alarm is the one for you. It will not stop buzzing until you wake up. Nor can you snooze it and sleep again. This is the best recent home technology gadget to wake up early.

3-Wireless LED light bulbs

This allows you to control the light from your smartphone. It’s time to say goodbye to the old lights. Please note, you need to manually switch on and off these lights. Now the time has changed when you can control the lights via a mobile app on your phone. The wireless LED light bulb has a Wi-fi bridge with your smartphone. So you can either schedule it to switch on when someone enters the room or the opposite.

Example – try the Wipro Garnet or Philips Hue light model


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It is an intelligent energy-efficient gadget with room heating technology. It provides automatic suitable room temperature during winter seasons. With less power consumption, your bills will also get reduced. It is a radiator which turns into a bed when you push the button. The LED display on the bediator shows the current room temperature.

5-Smart Home Gadgets for Home – Smart Faucet

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Equipped with temperature gauges and efficiency sensors. In recent times, many home appliance manufacturers are designing their products of recent versions in such a way that the natural resources do not go waste. This smart faucet helps save water. With this device, you can estimate the amount of water used for kitchen and bathroom. Smart faucets can heat the water according to your need.

Example – Try the Delta Faucet Essa or Yosoo Automatic Sensor Faucet


6-Smart Gadgets for Home – Wireless Speakers-

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Home is a place for relaxation. Are you a lover of music? Then, you can have these wireless speakers in your dwelling. This device, you can control with your voice or with the smartphone. Or else make use of the mobile to give a command to Alexa. These speakers can add ambiance to your home decor.

Example – Try the Sony or JBL models.

7- LG ThinkQ refrigerator

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This is a smart refrigerator launched by LG. It is a 3 door super capacity refrigerator with an 8-inch Wi-fi LED screen. This smart refrigerator can act in tandem with your smartphone. This feature allows you to control every function of the fridge. The most awesome feature is that you can see the items which are inside the fridge via the app.

8- Sony Smartwatch

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This is a smartwatch that you can integrate with your smartphone. This smartwatch leverages you with music control, notifications, monitoring apps, and other gadgets. It is equipped with blue-tooth technology. You can chat with your buddies using the pretty cool smartwatch. It has a sun-ray resolution display and is also a water-resistant device. You can name it as a high tech watch and it is one among the many smart gadgets for your home.

9- Sony Eclipse

It is an innovative media player that runs on solar energy. Stick the media player in a window and it will automatically take charge. It is a self-reliant object. It has a touch screen and equipped with Wi-fi, blue-tooth, radio, built-in speakers and has a USB port too. It is a portable device. You will never see a low battery sign as it has solar panels and is a great companion for a ride.


This article focuses on smart gadgets for home. Ensure to keep any manual given with the product safe for all occasions. You may get some minor problems, but it is easy to solve them based on the instructions in the manual. Also, before purchasing any smart gadget, it is necessary to check if they are compatible with the present devices or smart devices. Or else you will have to make modifications.

Let it be any appliance. Smart or normal. You will need to give the maintenance service. In a normal model, you will give service only when there is a problem. For example, if your normal AC gives less cool air, you guess a technical problem. You stay in Hyderabad and the AC in your home has gone on a repair. Then you need to hire a technician who is skilled in AC service and repair in Hyderabad. He will come to your home and fix the problem. If the appliance does not have the warranty period, then you need to hire a technician from companies offering home appliance services in Hyderabad. Now, this is regarding the older and normal models of home appliances.

The smart models have a different feature. The manufacturers have understood the concept of repair and maintenance service in their brand models. So, some home appliance manufacturers have
designed a new feature in their smart models called predictive maintenance or smart diagnosis. This feature keeps a tab on every part in the appliance. If there is a problem in a specific part, then an alarm is sent to your mobile. Now, it is up to you to decide on the course of action. Also, if the appliance is on the warranty time, then you can get the problem fixed with the brand’s service center.

This article is regarding smart gadgets for home. Did you find valuable info in the content? Do you want us to add more? You are always welcome to drop a comment in the Reviews section.