Hair iis considered to be a very crucial source of attraction for any human being. Society has changed over the years and people tend to notice a variety of things whenever they meet another person. So, messy or bad hair could even create an unpleasant impression on the person’s mind. There has been a vast variety of advertisements all over the social media by various companies making promises on how to treat their hair. Hair is one of the most sensitive things of the human body and if not treated with the utmost care and attention then it could cause a major problem. Various complications arise ifthe hairsare messy, fall, dandruff, dirt, oily and the list is endless.

There is a wide range of products like shampoos, creams, tablets containing various chemicals that help in hair protection by killing yeasts and fungi. According to recent statistics, dandruff is one of the major problems which have occurred to people and the main reason behind it is the increasing pollution in the country. The pollution levels have been increasing at such a rapid rate that when it comes in contact with hair then it causes major damage. Symptoms for the same are itching, scaling, etc and various companies guarantee the treatment for such symptoms. The effect of this problem could even be seen on a person’s face because the bacteria inside dandruff when falls on the face cause various skin problems like irritation and itching and could even be observed by the arrival of acne and pimples. There are certain tablets and creams which are highly beneficial in such cases. It even leads to more oily face which has led to creating more products for oily scalp shampoo India.

There has been an increase in marketing products all over social media because the companies have realized that technology is one of the major sources by which they can boost their sales. Also, the increase of usage of social media depicts that how the product is being presented among the people is one of the most crucial factor which makes their buying decision. The youth is easily influenced by these advertisements.  This is the reason there is a lot of money which is invested in these online advertisements. Further, the increase in e-commerce platforms has even led to the introduction of doorstep delivery. It is very difficult for a person to visit the store and buy products due to the hectic work life which is presented in front of them. Often, the products are not presented in local stores which has led to a rise in doorstep delivery. Further, there is even a particular manner to use the anti-dandruff shampoo for oily hair which is presented by the companies on the backside of the product. Firstly, the person has to wet his hair and scalp thoroughly and apply a small amount of such shampoos on the scalp and massage into a lather. This process is for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly.

One must buy the hair product according to their type of hair.