Spiti means “middle land”. A trip to Spiti valley would showcase the marriage of Indian mountainous rugged terrain with the charm of “the land of the rising Sun -Tibet”. Hundheads vlog by Saravana Kumar gives you a glimpse of the beautiful landscape that only Mother nature can rekindle the calmness and spirituality in a person. The rugged mountains are accompanied by the tranquillity of the monasteries. The pinned valleys bring out the energy. The quaint villages make you wish you had always lived with such simplicity and fulfilment.

Saravana artistically capture the feel and culture of the Valley. Watching the vlog allows you to escape the hectic and demanding sirens of city life. Calling the place heaven on Earth would be apt as you would have befriended by the cheerful breeze and the touch of fresh spring would rejuvenate your soul.

Spiti Valley is a must visit judging by the vblog. What’s more is the extraordinary sunrises that is ready to greet you every morning with such magnificence that every sunrise seems to acknowledge your presence with a delight and ensure to renew your soul every day?

The lingering sun-kissed clouds adds up to the backdrop as an enchanter moving in action. The dusk seems to compete with the dawn as the sunsets gratifies the day well spent and OH! How you forget the worries.

Did you forget the afterhours? Well, the twinkling nights and the endless sky gives you hope to your undying dreams. And how the stars gleam like a childish innocence. These are the wonders that make believe transcends to another world.

Spiti also offers excellent camping sites for the adventurers that wants to feel the snow-capped mountains. And personally the best of the lot would be Chandratal. You may ask why, my answer would be if you are you are sure to feel as timeless and there is a restoration and resurrection of your inner peace.

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