It was 24th of February ,2018 when the famous actress of Bollywood the legendary Sri Devi took the last breath and left this world with a mystery to solve. Sri Devi is that famous actress who was beautiful, gorgeous and a descent girl. In her family there was her husband name Boney Kapoor and her two daughters in which the elder daughter was Jhanvi Kapoor (of Dhadak fame)  and younger daughter name was Khushi. In the big screen of cinema, Sri Devi used to entertain people by her drama, emotion and romance. She was also honoured with Padmashri award in 2013. But at an age of 54 the actress left the world of fans and fame. The legendary Sri Devi is no more with us in this world. How suddenly, a mystery death came and took her far away.

She knew the value of taking care of one’s health. And on the last video of hers, an interview before her death she said to the media “Yes I always stay active with my health. I keep myself from junk food.” She also says that “on the advice of Davre, being vegeterian for my diet I got exhausted “. So now a question comes to the mind of the onlookers – what is the importance or connection behind the lines that Sri Devi mentioned in front of the media in the last video before her death when she was only attending the marriage party of her nephew in Dubai Waldorf Astoria Ras Al-Khaimah. But believe or not there may be a huge connection with the reason of her death to what she said in the interview.

In that last interview she looked very happy, joyful, fit and healthy then what made a sudden mystery death of the legendary actress? I am sure that all you readers are now excited to know the exact reason of her death because after all the name of the death was Mystery Death. Let’s all wait and hear from what next we get from the news. We will keep you updated.