Stretch Your Life with Healthy Heart

What do you do to make sure that your heart stays healthy? It is to bout just breakups or heart aches that take place because of broken relationships there are even more grave heart issues that you need to be thoughtful about. It is about the health of your heart. You should see a doctor for your heart if you find any aches, pains, discomfort or uneasiness with your heart. You can find the Best heart surgeon in India once you look around. There are many heart conditions that exist and you might not be having an idea about them because of your ignorance. It is better to take steps to ensure the health of your heart than to find it effecting adversely later on.

What to expect from a doctor in first meet?

In diagnosing heart ailments, a doctor is going to first ask you for a description of signs and your medical history. Your physical condition will also be measured through a standard medical exam. By listening to the heart for whooshing or swishing sounds, together known as heart murmurs, might cater the doctor important clues about heart trouble. In case any type of heart disease is suspected, further examinations are done to find out what is basically happening within the heart.These doctors are specialists and without any delays they get to know about the condition of your heart.

An electrocardiogram, or even known as ECG, is generally the first test to be carried out. By recording electrical actions inside the heart, the ECG swiftly and apparently reveals any electrical irregularities that might be a source of problem or might indicate that the heart muscle has been or is getting injured by ischemia which means lack of oxygen-rich blood. Afterwards, the next level details can be accumulated by taking images of your heart by making use of X-rays, a series of other scans making use of MRI , CT, or nuclear technology, or through angiography, a special method that permits for detailed imaging of blood vessels. Echocardiograms which is ultrasound examination of the heart, can also determine how good the heart and valves are performing. The doctor gets an idea about the exact position and needs. There are the best hospitals for heart valve replacement in India that can be visited for any valve complications. Usually, heart related procedures are carried out by experienced and the Best cardiac surgeon in India. They make sure that the heart recovers and get back on track healthily.

Anyhow, there are other tests to that you might have to undergo for health conditions. These tests might include like stress testing, without or with extra imaging of heart, and sophisticated examination for arrhythmias. Everything is performed to ensure that no room is there for evaluation. Tests do ensure that the heart is healthy and fit. Even if there is a smidgen of issue reflecting in the tests or reports; doctors get to know about it and treatment can be executed accordingly. There are always severe and mild heart issues and experts only can help the patient in recovering.

What are the treatments there for heart ailments?

Medical care is absolutely necessary once heart ailment is diagnosed. The aim of treatment is to stabilizing the condition, gripping symptoms over the long term, and catering a proper cure when it is possible. Of course, diet, stress reduction, and lifestyle alterations are main ingredients in managing heart ailment, but the backbones of conventional care are medications and surgery.

Your heart and lifestyle

In case you are one of those who smoke, then you should immediately quit. You must also get in the practice of exercising because exercise is an activity that strengthens the heart and blood vessels, diminishes stress, and has been seen to diminish blood pressure while at the same time boosting HDL (good) cholesterol levels. There have been different studies in the recent times that indicate that drinking alcohol in restraint might actually diminish the danger of heart disease. But more than a single drink a day for lady, or more than one to two a day for male, is not at all recommended.

Similarly if you learn to relax, it may also help you in preventing and treating heart disease. While the victory of such things differs from person to person, stress-reduction methods have been shown to diminish heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, and emotional responses like anger, anxiety, and aggression that have been associated with coronary heart ailment , angina, and of course heart attack. The way of relaxation technique is always with you. Some that has turned out to be extensively beneficial are progressive relaxation, meditation, yoga, and even biofeedback training.

Diet and Nutrition

Even the slightest changes in diet and lifestyle can immensely diminish the danger of heart disease. If you are overweight and that too mainly in mid-section, can absolutely lead to diabetes and high blood pressure. In case you are twenty percent or more over the perfect weight for your height, age, and sex, you lay a strain on the ability of your heart to pump blood in an efficient manner. Thoughlowering sodium and Trans fat ingesting are vital for lowering blood pressure and diminishing the danger of coronary heart disease, also important is much intake of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, and healthy sources of proteins and fats.

There have been studies that found that a high consumption of total fiber, from supplements or fruits, lower the danger of heart ailment.Though it is best to fetch fiber from food sources, fiber supplements can even be helpful for you to get the regular fiber that you need. Anyhow, even if you have been diagnosed with a heart condition, it is okay. You can visit experts in the Best hospital for heart valve replacement in India and they would find out a solution for your heart and you. Therein best cardiac surgeon in India who is there to help you lead a healthy and hearty life!


So, a small amount of attentiveness, alertness and precautions can help you in keeping your heart healthy and fit!