Just look around us we will realize that technology is all around us. We are literally surrounded by technology and no matter where we go or where we are, we are just surrounded by technology.

Thanks to the Social Media, Smartphones and Internet that we can talk to our loved ones whenever we want and from wherever we want. From Orkut to Facebook and from Apple iPhone 3 to Apple iPhone 6S, we have come to a long distance. Technology is there to make us feel good, satisfied and close to our friends and family but, the reality is far from it. Technology is taking us far very far from our friends and family. The main aim of the technology is to save us time and efforts but, slowly and slowly we are becoming addict to it. Instead of saving the time, it is helping us in passing time and to be more precise, wasting time.

We are focusing more on talking to strangers who are sitting at thousand miles of distance and less on our old friend who is sitting in just front of us. What is the first thing you do after you get up in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep? Yes, you check your smartphones.

The most crucial of all these is Video Game. Thanks to the Technology again, now we have such high-end graphics game which feels almost real. Just add the pinch of VR into it and bang, you can even play tennis at Home. Ask yourself, when was the last time when you went outside to play a game with your friend. The answer would be a long time ago. The reason behind this is that technology has made us so lazy that we prefer playing Cricket on our Xbox but, not on the ground.

Air conditioners have become a basic necessity and now who wants the fresh air in the summers. AC’s are enough to make our rooms pretty cool in summers. Tech slaves we have become…. Well, yes! Technology make us more alone!

Social Media is currently one of the hottest things to talk about. Everyone is on Social Media posting and sharing their time to time activity. Instead of thanking our mom for food, we try to click the image and post it on Instagram. When it comes to trips, instead of being excited about spending time with family, we care more about Check-In and getting that perfect image for display picture of Facebook. Before one actually goes and wishes his friends or family, posting a wish on FB is much more the


IN THING. From the food one eats to the time one goes to sleep, everything is on Facebook.
If we talk about a schedule of a person it goes like this. He wakes up and checks his phone which is just lying beside him. Even during the breakfast, he is eating with one hand and using his phone with other. In the office, he remains in front of his Desktop/Laptop all day. Even if he goes to a party at night, he makes sure that everyone on social media knows where he is partying. But, the sad part is during all this, he started his day alone with the phone and will end his day sleeping beside his phone, again all alone. The sad part here is that he can live alone with a smartphone for weeks but, he can’t live with his friend for a day without a smartphone.

After reading above article you will feel that yes technology is making us more alone.