In home lawn projects, Zoysia grass is renowned for its amazing heat-tolerant nature. It is drought-resistant, withstands heavy foot traffic, and offers a plethora of challenges. For optimal growing zones, this tough grass delivers dense, and beautiful lawn without the need of you putting in lots of efforts. The decision of choosing zoysia, and determining whether it is suitable for your home depends on the area you live in. Your lawn care goals also matter, as well as how you plan to use the lawn.

Once your goals align, you have to consider the strength of the Emerald Zoysia sod Atlanta. This versatile lawn grass is usually the ideal choice for your home. At a glance, here’s what this grass offers once you install it in your home.

  • It is ideal for transition zones and southern zones
  • A warm-season grass that offers improved cold tolerance
  • Drought and heat tolerant
  • It prefers sun and tolerates light shade
  • Has low maintenance requirements
  • Low watering requirements
  • Traffic-tolerant growth, and it is quite dense
  • A Warm Season Grass Right from the Beginning

In terms of the origins of Zoysia grass, you should know that it’s native to Asia. Since the year 1895, it has been in the United States. This was the time when lawns grabbed the attention and interest of homeowners in America. It’s renowned as a warm-season grass, which means its active growth season starts in the warmth of the late periods of spring and reaches a peak in summer. The best way to put it, Zoysia is perennial, meaning it keeps coming back every year when it grows in the right climates. It is prominent in the Southern regions of States, as well as humid and hot Southeast parts of California.

Zoysia adds value for homeowners. In transition zones. This is the area that stretches from the Atlantic to the Midwest. Too humid or cool-season grasses grow well in cold to warm-season grasses like Bermudagrass. On the other hand, zoysia is both cold and heat tolerant, which allows it to flourish and grow well in regions that have this weather.
Some of the Zoysia types grow well right from sod or grass sprigs, but others like Pennington Zenith Zoysia seed combine and offer more benefits as they grow from seeds. Others like Zenith Zoysia offer the right improved cold tolerance, then gives the owners better advantages in this region.

The Characteristics of Zoysia Sod Atlanta

Compared to other lawn grasses, you have to be patient because zoysia establishes slowly. However, it forms a dense layer of grass, more like a carpet beneath your feet. Since it has a dense layer, there’s a low chance of weed growing between it. Grass spreads easily above the ground, with stems or stolons, and underneath with rhizomes. This dense and thick grass earns its reputation from favored Atlanta Sod Farms and many homes prefer to use it for areas that need constant gaming or entertainment.

As it grows, it typically stays light to medium green. When dormancy sets in, it stays greener and lasts longer compared to other warm-season grasses. It all depends on personal preference, some homeowners prefer it in cool-season for its greener color in winter, and others prefer the straw-like natural hue.

It has a deep root system, and efficient when it comes to resisting drought and conserving moisture. The grass would remain green, and when heat persists, it could go dormant, but green up once watered again. This sod prefers sunlight, but it can also tolerate light shade other than warm-season grasses.

Caring for Zoysia

When caring for Zoysia, you need to understand that it is dense, and it will require a prolonged watering period. In hot summer days, there’s an increased chance of droughts, so you should watch out for the signs and focus on proper watering of the plants. Also, keep a check on the pH levels. It usually prefers a pH 5.8-7.0. You should conduct soil tests to be sure of the soil amendment needs of your lawn. From to time, make sure you fertilize it. At all times, clear the unnecessary weed that grows around it.

This sod could also have problems, and the common ones include leaf spots, brown patches, and rust. Always address these issues the moment you detect them to increase their lifespan.

Zoysia sod is available in different types. When choosing the right one for your lawn beautification needs, you should visit the right Zoysia sod Atlanta supplier. Such experts will be able to guide you on the features, the qualities, and the care tips. Before you visit sod farms, you should explore all the options you have and choose the right type accordingly. Evaluate the reason why you need the sod, whether it will have heavy foot traffic or not.