There are many factors to consider when choosing a packaging option for your products. Each packaging option comes with its own pros and cons, so it’s essential to compare each one to find the best selection for your products. In order to discover how you can save on your packaging today, here are some reasons to consider digital printed stand up pouches over bottling.

Reduced Costs

First, flexible packaging is an affordable option for many products. When you choose flexible packaging, you can utilize affordable digital printing and enjoy lower shipping costs. Digital printing is a recent advancement that is changing the way the packaging industry operates. With exceptional customization, affordable setup and vibrant colors and graphics, digital printing is an excellent way to reduce the cost of your packaging and associated costs.

Another way that flexible packaging can lower your costs is through shipping expenses. Bottles take up a considerable amount of space whether filled or not, so you’ll pay more to ship empty bottles to your manufacturing location before sending them out again.

Increased Customization

From supplement pouches to roll stock for food products, there’s a dramatic amount of customization that comes with choosing flexible packaging. Thanks to digital printing and the wide range of flexible packaging designs, you can alter your package to fit your exact product in a way that isn’t possible with bottles.

Whether you’re sending a small sample of supplements to a client or you’re looking for a unique look to stand out on the shelves, flexible packaging offers nearly endless possibilities. Use digital printing to easily customize the graphics and print content on your pouches and packaging in order to create multi-SKU packaging orders for less.

Convenient Storage

If you’re looking to buy your packaging in bulk, bottles can take up a significant amount of storage space. Instead, opt for flexible packaging for a convenient storage solution. The lightweight material and flat design of these pouches keep you from wasting additional space on container storage.

Digital printing has also allowed businesses of all sizes to order the exact amount of packaging they need. This technology cuts costs of manufacturing, so it’s easy to order a small amount of packaging for your specialty products. Order a few to see how they match up with your products, then create a bulk order to handle all your packaging needs.

Iconic Look

It’s difficult to stand out in the supplemental market. Even the most innovative bottle design often looks remarkably similar to your competitors. Instead, create a unique packaging look and signature style with flexible packaging. From child-safe packaging to resealable containers, create the customized, unique look you need to make a splash in your industry.

Compare for Yourself
When you choose flexible packaging for your natural food packaging instead of bottles, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits. If you’re looking for a unique way to package your products that is safe, affordable and unique, receive an estimate today. Find out how you can create customized flexible packaging for a new product or your entire manufacturing line.