Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling of aerosol which is created by vaping devices such as e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers. With much lower tobacco usage in vaping and given the fact that abstaining from consuming nicotine is next to impossible for avid and compulsive smokers, they would only benefit by switching over to vaping.

The list of tobacco-related illnesses including diabetes and tooth decay is nearly endless. Almost half a million people die of these diseases every year in the US. 

Here are 5 benefits of vaping over smoking:

1. Health Value

Vaping does not require the combustion of chemicals. Studies related to the vapor emitted from vaping show that the number of carcinogens it contains is significantly lower than that found in cigarette smoke. Some other chemicals found in the vapor are associated with the process of flavoring, and most of them are generally safe to consume. 

So, the lower health risk is the obvious advantage of vaping over smoking. Using an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) doesn’t choke your lungs, rather, its vapors allow them to breathe and expand, thus being more gentle. In the case of e-vaporizers, modifying the power output, airflow, and the type of coil used enables you to adjust your vapor volume precisely.

This way you still get to enjoy your portion of nicotine, while preventing smoking-induced health issues like lung cancer, throat cancer and Alzheimer’s.

2. Availability of Flavors

Vaping is more enjoyable than smoking because e-liquids are available in various interesting flavors. This aspect is vital to quitting smoking. Most vapers, after inhaling flavors (for a few months) that are dissimilar to tobacco smoke, report that trying a cigarette again is a terrible experience, tastewise. Hence they never think about switching back.

Moreover, due to the pleasant e-juice flavors, most non-users find the odor of close by vaping to be lightly pleasant. One can easily make custom DIY vape juice by following various steps and guides present online.

3. Money-Saving

Hardcore smokers tend to spend plenty of money every day on cigarettes. A good-quality pack of cigars costs you several dollars daily. Multiplying this amount of money by a month totals to some hundred dollars every month. This way fulfilling your nicotine cravings through cigarettes would always leave a hole in your wallet.

If you switch to e-cigarettes, you’d certainly save money substantially. In fact, with electronic vaping, you’d save at least fifty percent of the amount of money spent on cigarettes. Moreover, as vaping technology is advancing, new products are expected to get better and even cheaper.

4. Aesthetics

Vaping, unlike cigarette smoke, does not produce a residue. If you let most of the small drops of aerosol deposit in your lungs, instead of taking large quick puffs, you’d exhale hardly any vapor. 

Not being required to step outside of your office or a bar is certainly a significant benefit over smoking. This serves as a vital motivation factor for most smokers planning to try e-cigarettes.

5. The Extent of Addiction

Some studies show that vaping is appreciably less compulsive than smoking. Hence e-cigarettes are found to be less addictive than tobacco cigarettes. 

Many ex-smokers who, with great difficulty have changed over to vaping discovered that after a certain period (a few months), they were able to take the vape or leave it, or at the minimum, not vape at all for a long duration. 

Also, most experienced vapers have been successful in substantially lowering their overall nicotine intake. They reported having started out high while leaving smoking but choosing less after a considerable duration of exclusive vaping. 


So, now you know why vaping is more advantageous than smoking. Health, interesting flavors, cash saving, aesthetics and the intensity of addiction are indeed vital factors to consider while switching from smoking to vaping. 

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