You may be running madly around behind the scenes of maintaining the pristine atmosphere in your salon, scheduling, and rescheduling, sweeping up, and putting out one fire after another, but all your customers notice is a carefully crafted vision of peace and decadence. That’s what the beauty and wellness enterprises are all about, after all. If you’re the owner of a spa or salon, you dedicate your life to elevating life-renewing services for others. 

A haircut or a manicure may not seem like a great deal in the sumptuous scheme of things, but it can mean everything to someone who enters your shop feeling exhausted and worthless and leaves feeling refreshed and wonderful. It takes a lot to maintain that image, though, and not just in terms of the character and skill of those you hire. These days, consumers have very specific technological expectations of every business they patronize. Specifically, when it comes to service and hospitality industries, customers want to be able to schedule without any hassles (online, if possible) and pay with alternative methods. And that’s where management software comes into the picture.

Let us look into the benefits of using the best comprehensive management software for your salons or spas.

If you’re running a beauty or wellness-based business, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll need a scheduling tool of some kind. And while trying to solve the narrow handwriting on a traditional paper calendar is all kinds of fun, booking software is just better. No fading ink, no crossed-out words, no crumpled or coffee-stained papers flying around your desk. Just beautifully crisp and track your appointments on your screen.

Well-designed scheduling software is, quite honestly, a marvel of modern digitalization. Imagine a tool that can virtually eliminate double-booking mistakes, automatically account for vacations and times when your employees are unavailable to work, and layout your work weeks in discrete, easily eatable chunks. Is it soothing your mind, just thinking about it?

There’s a lot more!

Appointment management

Many booking software solutions come with online capabilities, allowing your customers to seamlessly self-schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments without having to call in. A few even allow for online pre-payments. These features are appealing for a number of reasons, not least of which is that the less time you spend fiddling with your calendar, the more time you can spend doing literally anything else. Connecting with your clients; upselling hair care products; restocking the linens, whatever floats your particular boat. Moreover, customers like having the option to schedule their own appointments. Given the choice between a business that allows them to book online and one that makes a call and talks to a receptionist,  they will undoubtedly choose the former

Stay connected with all your customers

A solid, well-planned email campaign can be an effective way to engage newer customers and maintain relationships with your regulars, whether you’re conveying information about your business, offering specials, or delivering digital coupons. Here are just a few examples of ways you can use email to your advantage, Instantly alert customers to changes in business hours, Introduce new staff members, Promote seasonal specials, Deliver coupons. Engage former clients with “haven’t seen you in a while” or “hope you come back” offers, Send appointment reminders or confirmations

Email marketing and online presence

Modern email marketing allows for very specific customer targeting and provides incredibly useful analytics. You can determine which clients are opening emails or engaging with electronic coupons, and use that information to create even better marketing campaigns. They can store all your clientele securely and target them for further campaigns as well. Aldo, integrating your existing website with booking software makes the most of it, stuff the HTML code for the book now button on your website and attract all your visitors to turn into customers.

Inventory management

Inventory control is essential for managing a successful business. With Salon & Spa Management you can track sales for every product in your inventory. Simplify the re-ordering process, bar code every item and maintain accurate product counts. The system- Records activity of all retail and salon maintenance products, Alerts you when to reorder inventory, keeps a record of price labels, and analyzes all sales for best profit potential

These are just the gist of benefits that a management software could do to your salons and spas when even located at multiple locations, you can be the super admin and play your part well off with it. If you have not yet implemented the software to your business you need to do it asap, Sign up with Picktime online salon and spa management software for absolutely free of cost, now!