Acid reflux is a common issue worldwide, but not diagnosed on time and mistaken often for other problems in many cases. That’s why it’s very useful to get aware of the problem and understand if what you are facing is the same or not. This helps in self-diagnosis and also helps make some small healthy modifications in diet and ways of life to reduce the problem and live better. Specially when there is a very deep connection of diet with acid reflux issue, then it’s highly important that you create a profound understanding of the problem and its cure in case you are facing similar symptoms of acid reflux.

Understanding Acid reflux

Before jumping into the topic of how does diet affect acid reflux disease, it’s important to understand acid reflux as the problem. Acid reflux is the event of backflow of some of the acid from the stomach to the food canal or esophagus. This happens for many reasons. One reason which often causes acid reflux is hiatal hernia. This is caused when the upper part of the stomach, and the lower part of the esophagus consisting of the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) moves to an upper position above the diaphragm. This is one ofthe main reasons for acid reflux.

As a result of this acid flow back to the lowerpart of the esophagus, the person experiences heartburn which is a pain and burning sensation at the lower chest.Indigestion and extreme acidity, and heartburn with almost anything you eat becomes the trouble in acid reflux. Hence it’s very important that you watch what you are eating. Diet affects acid reflux to a huge extent, and can increase the problem or reduce it depending on your choice of food.

Foods which increases the problem of acid reflux

There are some items which triggers the problem of acid reflux. Acid Reflux Foods To Avoid. They are:

Foods with high fat content

Citrus fruits and sour fruits and

vegetables like tomato

Chocolate as because it contains methylxanthine

Onion and garlic

Spicy foods



Foods that helps reduce acid reflux
Some foods helps keep the chances of acid reflux less and much controlled. They are:

Ginger- ginger is anti-inflammatory. That’s why adding ginger in any form to food helps in reducing chances of heartburn. Ginger tea, sliced ginger in foods, grated ginger, all helps.

Vegetables- all vegetables are sources of complex and healthy carbohydrates, and doesn’t contain much fat. That’s why vegetables never trigger the system to produce more acids.

Noncitrus fruits- all sweet fruits which does notbelong to the citrus family are okay to eat. They includes banana, apples, pears, watermelon and other melons, mango etc.
Oatmeal- oatmeal contains a lot of fiber and can absorb excess acids. That’s why oatmeal prevents heartburn.

Seafood- seafoods are low in fat and carbs. That’s why they are completely safe in acid reflux.

Egg whites- white avoiding the high fat egg yolk, egg whites can be taken for their high protein content.

Lean meat- lean meat contains low fat, complex carbs and high fiber. That’s why they are good to be taken to prevent acid reflux.

Healthy fats- heathy fats are those which doesn’t contain trans fats, and have not been processed through hydrogenation. Some of the good sources are olive oil, sesame oil, fax seeds, walnuts, sunflower oil, avocados etc.