Women want to look beautiful and attractive and go to considerable lengths to maintain their elegance. Women buy extravagant clothes, expensive jeweler, and go to spa treatments to look good. Women are also conscious about their appearance and not only follow a balanced diet but attend regular gym and yoga classes to maintain their health.

Human beings are mammals, and one significant feature of mammals is presence of hair on the body. Both men and women have hair present on their heads and other parts of the body. The hair on the scalp is more in quantity as compared to other parts of the skin. The light hairs on the body may not matter much to men, but women are quite particular about their skin and want to remove the excessive and unwanted hair from their face, arms, back, and legs. There are many conventional ways of removing hair, and these methods are in practice for many years such as shaving, waxing, plucking, and using creams to remove hair. Women are known to have soft and smooth skin, and the presence of skin can make the skin rough and coarse. The reasons why many women want to remove unwanted hair from their sin are

  • Hygiene

Body odor is a common thing, and women are quite particular that their body does not sweat and add give a bad odor. When a woman sweats, the bacteria break down fat and proteins which is absorbed by the hair and causes bad odor. By removing the unwanted hair, the skin becomes soft, and sweat is not absorbed by the hair present on the skin.

  • Wearing clothes

Women usually wear light clothes in the summer and springtime such as tops, skirts, and shorts. The unwanted hair looks quite awkward for women, and they have to cover their arms and legs. Many women perform waxing on the arms and legs and then feel free to adorn any outfit they wish to wear.

  • Playing sports or exercising

There are many women who do regular exercise and also play sports. The women have to wear clothes meant for playing sports and that do not cause discomfort. The removal of hair not only gives confidence to women, but the sporting attire does not cling to the body and hinder movement while playing the sport.

The options that women normally have for removing unwanted hair from arms, face, legs, and back are

  • Shaving

Shaving quickly removes the hair, but the hair grows back, and you have to shave again.

  • Waxing

Women go to salons to get waxing treatment. But the entire activity can be painful and stressful. The hot wax can cause irritation and skin burn.

  • Hair removal creams

One of the easy solutions for girls and women is using hair removal creams which they can do it on your own and buy without any prescription. There are many types of hair removal creams, and not everyone is the same, so a woman must read the label of the cream before applying it on her skin.

One of the most effective hair removal treatments that will remove the effort in conventional methods is ‘laser hair removal treatment’ where a laser beam is directed to the part of the skin which damages the hair follicles and stops hair growth. Laser hair removal is probably the most popular cosmetic treatment which is done by women of every age.

The cheap laser hair removal Birmingham UK is an affordable, efficient, and reliable way for women to remove unwanted hair from their arms, legs, underarms, and back. The best thing is that laser treatment is a one-time procedure that will limit hair growth while the hair from shaving, waxing, and threading always grow back. The laser beam takes fraction of a second and several hair follicles can be treated. The hair follicles absorb the high concentration of light, which damages them and stops further hair growth.

The laser hair removal is a medical procedure that carries some risk, and a woman should prepare herself before the procedure. If you are planning for the laser treatment, then you must check the credentials of the clinic and the hair removal specialist. You should also stop doing other hair removal activities such as waxing, plucking, and shaving for six weeks before the laser hair removal procedure. The laser beam targets the roots of the hair, which is why it is better to avoid shaving and waxing before the process.

Before the procedure, the hair will be cut too short length and that which is just above the skin. The laser equipment is directed to the location of the skin where the hair is to be removed and also on the thickness and coloring of the hair. You and the technician performing the laser treatment will wear protective glasses, and a gel will be applied to the outer layers of skin to numb the skin. The technician will direct the laser pulse on the skin with unwanted hair growth for some minutes after which he will check for any bad reaction of the skin. When the procedure is completed you will be given ice packs and anti-inflammatory creams to lessen the irritation and discomfort. You will be requested to come back after six weeks until hair finally stops growing back.

The cost of laser hair removal treatment mostly depends on certain factors which are

  • The part of the skin which is to be treated
  • The size of the area of the face, arms or leg and time required for treatment
  • The number of treatment required for full hair removal

The laser hair removal is a quite effective and beneficial and one-time solution. You have to buy shaving, waxing, and threading accessories and then spend time on removing the hair while the laser hair treatment is quite fast and does not require much effort and time. The shaving and waxing usually damage the smoothness and softness of the skin, but the laser beam effectively removes the hair, and women can easily apply oils and skin creams to make their skin soft and smooth.