Home renovation is one activity that many homeowners perform to upgrade the looks and feel of their existing home. If you have lived in a house for couple of years, then you will start to notice common problems that will frequently come even if you have done the required repair and maintenance. But there comes a time that the bathroom leaks, scraping off paint, outdated looks, and unavailability of space causes inconvenience and discomfort that homeowners plan to perform a complete home renovation.

Home renovation is not an easy task and requires careful planning and execution of certain steps. As a homeowner, you should first list the recurring problems and issues that are causing inconvenience to you and your family. The lists of problems can be more if the house that you live in is old. The next step is that you should write down your own idea of changes and remodeling for each room and space of the house. The third and final step is to employ services of expert and professional contractors and home renovators who are familiar with the numerous renovating tasks and can ensure the remodeling according to your wishes.

The contractors or home renovators will visit your house and analyze the current condition of the house. The contractor will discuss your plan and give his own suggestion as he knows about the modern trends and can add a certain touch to increase the looks and functionality of the house. The contractor will also discuss the budget for the renovation which includes all the repair, replacement, and labor costs needed to complete the renovation project. Some of the creative home renovations tips if you are having a tight budget are

  • Install a crown molding

One of the best and economical way to bring noticeable and creative change is installing crown molding. The purpose of crown molding is to cap walls, cabinets, and pilasters. It is fairly easy to install and gives a distinctive and classical look to your house. Crown molding represent true craftsmanship and increase the appeal of the house

  • Rearrange your furniture

You should discard and dispose of the furniture that has seen better days. There are many stores that allow you to give your existing furniture and get modern furniture just be paying little bit more money. A tight budget would not allow spending money buying extravagant furniture, but you can always replace and rearrange your furniture according the space available to you.

  • Make a few custom kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is probably the only room that sees most activity in the house that includes morning, evening and night. It is common that kitchen cabinets are outdated and lacking proper storage capacity. The new cabinets are quite expensive, and you can try to get few custom-built cabinets. You can even refinish and repaint the cabinets if the custom cabinets are costly to build.

  • Replace the cheap household accessories

People usually think of buying new decorations, furnishings, and equipment, but new things cost money, and a person can find it hard to manage the budget. You should make a list of unnecessary and unused items in your house and replace or swap them for other attractive looking decorative pieces. Pillows are one item that is present everywhere from couches to chairs and beds; you can reduce the number of pillows

  • Install a stair runner

Stairs are quite costly to renovate, but an amazing way to upgrade it is by installing a stair runner. There are many beautiful variety and designs of stair runner that make your stairs look completely new

  • Hang simple but beautiful photos on the walls

One of the oldest tricks to add unique style to your house is by hanging spectacular pictures and portraits on the walls around your house. You can ask your friend or family member who is good at painting to make an exquisite new painting for your home.

  • Ensure minimalist style storage options

The biggest issue that leads to home renovation is improper storage options. The growing family faces with storage issues the most. There are many minimalist styles of storage options such as cubby holes, and hanging racks that provide excellent storing option and they can even be added to the empty closets and available spaces of the house

  • Install new and beautiful lighting fixtures

Proper and beautiful lighting changes the entire look and ambiance of the house. There are many splendid lighting fixtures that are affordable and can easily be installed. You can select the lighting fixtures according to brighter and dimmer setting that you want.

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint in every room

One of the most important and probably the last part of home renovation is painting the house. If you tight on budget, then you can repaint only specific interior rooms of the house. Painting makes the house look like new, and you do not have to buy any specific furniture and add on to make your house look special.