People use creams to treat simple skin problems such as scars, bumps, and other infections. Some skin creams are made of natural ingredients, whereas some creams are concentrated. Before applying any cream, a person should test his skin condition. They may be too sensitive to some creams. Before applying any skin cream the skin should be clean and clear. The person should preferably select a SSF product so that it protects the skin from UV or UVB rays.

People apply skin creams because they offer many benefits. They protect the skin from sun, cold and wind. They moisturize the skin and prevent the skin from dehydration, improve the quality of skin, prevent from cracking and dryness, and keep the skin smooth.

Ketomac cream and its mechanism

The ketomac price is tested and authenticated and they prevent any type of fungal infection. Skin disorders are caused mainly due to fungal infection. This cream contains antifungal properties with ketoconzole of 2%. It is a microorganism that kills the fungus by weakening their cell membranes. These membranes produce ergosterol that causes holes to the walls of cell membranes. So, this cream prevents the production of erogesterol and hence prevents the unwanted substances from entering the cell membrane. The unwanted substances leak out from the fungal cells.  The ketomac cream priceis quiet reasonable and it prevents any type of infection. It is available in the form of tube. The tubes of different sizes are available and the price of the cream depends upon the size of the tube.

Ketomac to treat different diseases

So, the ketomac is an antifungal agent that prevents the growth of fungus. The ketomac antifungal cream is also used to treat different types of yeast infections. It is a topical ointment that treats different skin diseases such as coetaneous candidacies, ringworms, jock itch, dryness and flaking of skin. It is used to treat simple infections and also severe fungal infections. The cream is also used to treat irregular brown patches on the body. They also treat the skin disorders caused due to sun tanning.

Directions of use

This cream is meant only for external use. It is applied to the affected area of the skin and the surrounding regions. Before applying this cream, the area should be cleaned and applied with water. Then, it should be dried. The cream should be applied to the skin and retained for 10 to 15 minutes. It should not be retained for a longer period also.

Apply the medicine exactly as the doctor has prescribed. The person should apply the cream to the skin depending upon the type of infection he has developed. The medicine should be gently rubbed to the area that is affected on the hands. The person should wash the hands with soap after applying it to the skin. The person should not apply this cream more than 2% because the person may suffer from redness, burning sensation and swelling problem. This medicine should not be applied to the skin unless recommended by the physician. It should be applied if the person is suffering from serious infections such as reddening or severe irritation. It may be applied also if the person is experiencing blistering or peeling problems.