Himachal Pradesh is a hub of honeymooners and couples who visit this destination to spend some quality time together. The natural beauty and mountainous vistas of Himachal make it ideal for a romantic getaway.

Couples buy Manali honeymoon packages, Shimla honeymoon packages and many more similar packages to make their outing truly memorable and love-filled. Well, you must have found many articles related to the most romantic places of Himachal over the internet.
But, you would rarely find any information about the most romantic things to do in Himachal. Considering this, we are here to guide you with super amazing activities and things that can enhance your chemistry and help in renewing your love connection on your Himachal vacay!
Here is the list of things to do on a romantic trip to Himachal to make it super-romantic. Keep reading if you really want to make your partner feel special this time.

Go on Romantic Long Walks:

Himachal houses umpteen romantic trails where you can go for a walk with your partner. So, don’t limit your romance only to the famous attractions of Himachal, but get out of your hotel anytime for a long walk. To see the most mesmerising views, get up early in the morning just before the sunrise and go on any trekking trail.
See the changing hues of the mountains as you walk through the blooming paths of any hill town like Shimla or Manali. The fresh morning breeze and chirping of birds will make the whole atmosphere romantic! Don’t forget to confess your feelings to your partner in such a magical aura.

Enjoy the Snowfall in Kufri:

Kufri is a small hill station; which is situated 20 km away from Shimla. So, you can easily reach there after spending a few days in Shimla. This hill station is mainly famous for snowfall and thrilling snow sports. Snowfall in itself is very romantic and makes the surroundings super beautiful.

So, go to Kufri to enjoy the charms of snowfall with your spouse. Take part in activities like horse riding, skiing, sledging, or enjoy snow fighting with each other. Capture lots of selfies with snow backdrops and show your affection on the thick fog covered trails. Yes, nobody can watch it there!
Spend Time near Khajjiar Lake:
As a couple, you may need some privacy so that you can spend some quality time without any disturbance. To get that tranquillity, you should go to Khajjiar. The place is truly scenic, and the Khajjiar Lake at the centre of it is worth visiting.

Dip your feet in the lake water and savour the views of cedar forests and lofty mountains together. The lake remains full of fresh water in every season, and you may also spot other couples here. This location is ideal for a heart to heart conversation so; spend some time with your partner here to invoke the love!
Plan a Dinner Date amidst Mountains:
Well, we know that you don’t get enough time to go for dinner dates with your partner in your regular life. But, you should never miss this chance during your trip to Himachal. After all, a dinner date is really romantic, and the backdrops of the mountains in Himachal will make it truly memorable.

For this, you can visit any café or restaurant in Himachal that offer scenic panoramas. To make it easy for you, we are suggesting some of the most panoramic eateries of Himachal that are – Renaissance Manali in Manali, Basil Leaf Restaurant at Naggar Road, La Plage in Kullu and Fat Plate Café in Manali.

Enjoy the Sunset from any Sunset Point Together:

Sunsets have a special quality. It heightens the beauty of any place and creates a lovely atmosphere. That’s why many couples go out to adore sunset views on various places. In Himachal, you can find many spots from where you can savour sunset views.

You can go for any trek or sit atop any mountain or hill to see the vistas. Choose a serene place so that you can feel the natural bliss to the fullest. See various phases of sun before it finally hides behind the majestic ice-covered mountains, leaving behind a little tint of light. Capture the images or just live in the moment. And hey, don’t forget to create some memories together!

Go for Camping:

Camping is a fun activity which should be tried by couples who want to add a little bit of adventure into their Himachal trip. You can book tour packages that contain camping as well. Otherwise, there are many vendors in Himachal that organise camping so; you can contact any of them.

Staying in a camp under natural surroundings will invoke a new excitement in you. Gaze the stars together or adore the natural views till the late night. Lend your ears to the melody of crickets and wake up by the shine of first sunrays. Sit by the fire pit with your partner and feed him/her the Himachali meal with your hands. Yes, all of it sounds super romantic. Now, you can think about how it will feel!

Buy Gifts for Each Other:

Buying souvenirs for your loved ones is very important on any trip. Well, along with that, you can also buy something for your partner and give it as a token of your love. You will find lots of romantic gifts at famous hill stations like Manali, Shimla, Kullu, Kufri etc.

You can also purchase customised pendants, pens, key chains and showpieces etc. These things are handcrafted out of wood by the local artist here. The best thing is that these people can write any name or any message on these products to add a personal touch. So, shop for all these things together to have special tokens to remember the trip!
So, start planning your romantic trip to Himachal today. Give a sweet surprise to your spouse and win his/her heart once again in Himachal!