We all love eating something or the other at some point in time and now at this time when we are surrounded by lockdown and not many good dishes to eat in a restaurant and maybe that might continue for a longer period. We need to eat and cook something delectable to please our senses after all else when we are going to get such a large amount of free time. With the government easing out its rules, cake delivery in Delhi will soon be available, but how soon we don’t know. So now that we all are staying at home I want to cook something amazing almost the next day. That is why in today’s article institute of bringing you the best cakes for the best flowers I have brought five dishes that you would want to eat when you are in the lockdown and you can enjoy these five dishes at home and without any issues. The best part about these five dishes is that all the ingredients that they include are available in a pantry or the nearby grocery store. So let’s begin to know what these five dishes are and what ingredients they include. 

1) Chili Cheese Toast 

So we are starting with the very first meal of the day and that is our breakfast. And if you happen to be celebrating your wedding anniversary at this particular point of time then definitely you can add anniversary flowers with chili cheese toasts as breakfast. And all other things mentioned in the menu for the full day that both of you can cook for each. So making chili Cheese Toast is very easy. All you need is a nonstick or cast iron pan, a few slices of bread or toast if you like it crispy. Now we are going to make a chili cheese sauce with the help of a few chili flakes butter, flour, and cheddar cheese. And this cheese sauce you can use for other recipes too. Dip your bread or toast slices in the sauce and place them on a heated pan and let them cook until light brown. Your super delicious breakfast is ready. 

2) No-Bake – Dominos Style Pizza 

Making a dominos style pizza at home is one of the easiest tasks. It depends on what kind of dough you are looking for. Do you want to make it more healthy or do you want to make it tastier but with a little bit extra cholesterol. So you can find the recipe online to make dough of many kinds as healthy as you want and to make a dominos style pizza we will use the same cheese sauce but you’ll have to thicken it until it’s creamy. Add the sautéed vegetables in the sauce and apply it to the hot pizza base. Cut it into pieces and enjoy an amazing pizza. You can also add mozzarella cheese and bake it beforehand. Order bouquets online to decorate your house and celebrate yourself or any special occasion. 

3) Oreo Chocolate Cake 

Making Oreo Chocolate cake is one of the easiest tasks that you’ll ever come across. All you need to have is some baking powder, milk, Oreo biscuits, and a bar of dark chocolate or any other one of your favorites.  You can make this moist and delicious chocolate cake by grinding Oreos in a mixer, mixing it gently with all other ingredients. Bake this cake in a steamer or oven for about 35 minutes. Melt the dark chocolate to decorate your cake on top. Usually, you used to send bouquets online but now you can send a homemade chocolate cake. 

4) One-Pot Pasta 

We all love making dishes that are one pot and we don’t have to consume the entire afternoon or mornings to make any meal of the day. It’s the easiest one-pot dish and with that, you can even send flower to Pune. Now all you need is penne pasta or whichever you like and some cheese sauce. To make the cheese sauce, you need to add some butter and flour to a pan and let them sauté until golden brown and then add milk, let it boil and thicken, followed by cheddar cheese and let it be mixed thoroughly over medium heat. And use some cheddar cheese to spread it on top of the hot pasta to make it saucier. All you have to do is simply boil the pasta, sauté your favorite vegetables, and cook them for a while. Now in the cheese sauce add pasta and sautéed vegetables, stir them for a while and you are all ready to eat. 

5) Simplest Ice cream 

Nowadays making ice cream at home is so simple that even a layman who doesn’t have much in life can make it. So all you need to make this amazing and delicious wrap of cream is a can of condensed milk, full cream milk, and sugar. This forms the base for ice cream all you have to do is beat these three ingredients in a good mixer or using a hand beater until they are fluffy. Now you can add all the ingredients of your choice. Such as if you’re making a chocolate ice cream then at this point you can add chocolate ganache mixed well and let the ice cream freeze for about 5 to 6 hours overnight depending on what kind of freezing options you have. Ideally, you can serve it with a birthday cake. You can also make the same ice cream healthy and use it in an institute for diet during this lockdown by either using soybean milk or almond milk instead of full cream milk. You can even add Choco chips to make the ice cream or chocolate tea or Chunky by adding chocolate chunks or you can even make a fruit ice cream with the same method. And as for sugar is concerned you can adjust it according to your taste if you like your eyes cream sweeter than at sugar otherwise you can always skip it and use stevia or stevia drops instead. After 6 hours when your ice-cream is ready to be served, for a particular occasion you can add some garden-based happy anniversary flowers with the ice cream to surprise your spouse.