The rainy season is fully on. Everyone loves to eat food in this rainy season. Whether you are sitting in the home or somewhere else. When its drizzling in your courtyard and cool breeze passes by touching your skin. Immediately your taste buds ask you for mouth-craving snacks or dishes with some hot brew. We all love the fragrances and smokes of the spices coming out from your food bowl.

Historical India welcomes multiple cuisines from the globe.

India with its diversification offers you a large variety of dishes. The reason to provide mixed international cuisine lies in the past of this country. Different cultures from the world made India as their temporary or permanent residence. India welcomes the Mughals, the afghans. There were Dutch, French, English and Portuguese colonies in India before independence. These cultures have a great impact on the cooking style and cuisine. These diverse cultures have their taste, herbs, and spices.

Indian food is famous at international level.

Let’s have a look at the Indian food which is famous at international level in various countries of the world. You must try that top Indian food favorites with the Swiggy Coupons in this monsoon season. Indian food travel with Indians all over the world. South Indian masala dosa, upma, Bihari lithi chokha, the kebabs, and the non-veg biryanis are one of the traditional Indian food items which you can taste in even European and North American countries.

Three Famous traditional cuisines of India with good demand.

Kashmiri specials:

Kashmir is one of the beautiful places in the world. It also offers you its rich and tasty food
Kashmiri specials include the chicken, mutton and fish dishes. Kashmiri food also uses a lot of rich spices like cardamom, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, saffron and lots of more. Dry fruit is also used in many dishes. Kashmiri food has Mughlai touch in its dishes. Rogan josh is a very famous and tasty non-vegetarian lamb dish. it is flavored with spices, yogurt, and the onions. Yakhni lamb curry is a very famous dish of Kashmir. Must try Kashmiris Muji gaad and the meatballs. Try your favorite Kashmiri food with Swiggy coupons on fewer prices.

Punjabi specials.

Punjabi veg-tadka

The mascot of Punjabi food. Makki di roti with sarson ka saag overloaded with butter and pickles. Add on lassi for more flavor. Everybody should try these dishes. This mouth-watering dish moves to the whole world with Punjabis.

Amritsari kulcha.- how should I forget

Amritsari kulcha? If you are still one of them who has not tasted the Amritsari kulcha. You are not a food lover. Fully cooked in a traditional tandoor. Made up of onion, potatoes, cheese, flavored with the butter and chickpeas.

Nonveg tadka

Punjabi chefs are also known for the desi non-veg tadka. The spiced roasted chicken, butter chicken, and the karahi chicken are the dishes which you can find in every restaurant or hotel in Punjab. A lot of spices and oil are used to make these dishes. Try it with chapattis and satisfy your taste buds. Order hot fresh chicken dishes by using swiggy coupons for big discounts.

South Indian cuisine.

South Indian cuisine is not of only south Indians. The south Indians are very intelligent an active. It is famous in all Indian states and even in different continents of the world. The dosa menus are available in every major hotel and restaurant in the country. South Indian food is light, delicious and healthy food. The uttapam overloaded with vegetables is a very mouth-watering and healthy dish. Idli is a very light dish and made up of rice. south Indian sausages made up of coconut are used with many dishes. Must taste the south Indian masala dosa with Swiggy coupons and grab the best .

Indian traditional dishes are loved by people all over the world and are in great demand. Indian traditional food has a speechless taste that you cannot get in the non-traditional dishes. Every type of food has its flavour. But these traditional flavored dishes are made up of a lot of spices, healthy herbs, and ultimate cooking methods. So make this monsoon the more happening season and enjoy delicious food by using Swiggy coupons grab good deals.