The clouds of different shades in sky presents a very beautiful scene and bring a new life on earth. This is our very own rainy season and its back again with full of life and with little bit of problem. So, from today onwards do not worry about your skin, here are some of the best and affordable DIY ideas which will protect you and your pocket from Monsoon.  So let’s begin:


  1. Day cream:
    Monsoon brings pimples, dark spots, red spots, fine lines and many more. So, this day cream will resolve all your issues.

Step 1.  Take an empty clean container

Step 2.  Add 2 teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel (benefits: moisteriser, remove dark spots, sunburn)

Step 3.  Add 1-2 vitamin E capsule (benefits: grow new cell, remove brown spots)

Step 4.  Add Tea tree essential oil, 1-2 drops to remove pimples

Step 5.  Magic ingredient Rose water which acts as a great cleanser

Step 6.  Mix them all and store for 10-15 days. Apply this magic day cream on daily basis for best results.


  1. Hand sanitizer:

In our busy life we forget to clean our hand before eating, touch eyes and then fall sick also so a great solution is a hand sanitizer which will help you to resolve your issues. So, let’s begin with the recipe.

Step 1.  Take an empty clean bottle.

Step 2.  Add 2 teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel.

Step 3.  Add Apple cider vinegar ½ tea spoon (benefits: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, folic acid, vitamin C)

Step 4.  Add Rose water for refreshment.


Step 5.  Mix them all and store for 10-15 days. Apply this chemical free Hand sanitizer and live a healthy life.