Partners are the most special persons in the world. We all have this special person with whom we would love to spend our whole life. It is our duty to make each and every moment of his/her life special. And on special occasions, make them surprise with your plans. One of the most special occasions in everyone’s life is the birthday. On this day, everyone deserves to be the happiest soul on the Earth.
Here are some incredible ideas to make the birthday of your partners to be the best moment in the whole world. DO something that he/she will forever remember and cherishes.

1) Boating at Caldey Island

Caldey is one of the best space to spend your beloved’s birthday when it is her/his birthday and you are in UK. Caldey is an island that is only accessible for passengers who has or carries boats. It is best to bring comfortable sea dress for open trips in boats. All the boats are licensed and allowed by Maritime and Coastguard Agency. As that’s a remote place, far away from the hustle and Brussels of main town, it has a small tea-café and little shops inside the village. If your partner loves countryside, this part of countryside England is incredibly beautiful. You can celebrate his/her birthday in this small café, blending the celebration with some Britain style. Your partner will forever be grateful to you as you plan for this beautiful birthday celebration in UK.

2) Hot air balloon ride at Bristol

This is one of the best experience that UK can give you on your partner’s birthday to spend a private cozy and romantic moment together. Bristol provides you the advantage of celebrating your beloved’s birthday up in the air, in the middle of the sky. The best timing is around sunset. The whole Bristol town that you will see in the molten sunset golden lights will be the experience of a life time. If your partner is a nature lover, she/he will do a feast on this moment. While he/she will be bust capturing such natural beauty moment, you can go for capturing her smiles and sparkling eyes and feel satisfied that you have made her special day truly special. If it is around August, Annual International Balloon Fiesta can give her an eye treat of colorful balloons flying all across the air of the country.

3) Ice Skating at Somerset House, London

If your partner’s birthday falls in winter months and you are in UK, the funniest way to make your partner’s birthday special is to go for Ice Skating. London has many ice skating rinks. But none is a s romantic as that of the Somerset House. The neoclassical landmark is illuminated all around as well as from the beneath of the skating rink. It is an ideal setting for winter romance with your beloved partner on their birthday. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro in skating or a new learner. Every time he/she will fall in your arms, the romance will get deeper. You can surprise her here if you want to ) Send birthday gifts online UK.

4) Steam Train Ride over Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

If your partner is a Harry Potter fan, this surprise birthday gift will blow his/her mind. It is the same place that was shot in the Harry Potter movies series. The iconic steam train makes it way throughout the Scotland. You can book a trip over the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Inverness to feel being in the living part of the movie. H/she will be amazed and out of words when he/she experience his/her childhood fantasy coming true.

5) Go hand-in-hand along with partner at Cornwall

If you both are craving for the natural beauty and would like to spend special moments within nature, there is nothing better in UK than the hand-in-hand walk plan at Cornwell. A seaside stroll enriched will millions of natural sceneries will satiate your heart and soul with peace. There’s a slopping sandy beach on which you can rest your head on your partners shoulder and relive the moments of past. The small rock pools will give you the essence of true and untouched virgin nature. All together, he/she will have an experience of lifetime on their birthday.

6) Punting in Cambridge

Punting is a famous tradition of unique boating in Venice, Italy; but you can recreate the experience in the heart of UK, in Cambridge as well. This will be a perfect romantic ride to celebrate your partner’s birthday. If you are an enthusiast couple and a thirsty soul of history, you yourself can take each other to your way through the city’s historic waters and explore more.

7) Picnic at Emsworthy Dartmoor

Emsworthy mire is a place with utter beauty of nature. The field, the lavenders and the gentle breeze with cattle grazing all around will give you an experience of a lifetime. It is the perfect idea to spend the special day with the special person in your life in calm and quiet environment, far away from the chaos of city. Listening to bird songs and watching beautiful butterflies fluttering, this will be the best birthday for him/her. And as birthday celebration is incomplete without cakes, you can order his/her favorite cake from cake delivery to UK onlinesite.
To make your beloved’s birthday the most remembering day till date in his/her life, above are the best ways to spend their birthdays in UK.