Who does not love to eat tasty food? India has always topped the list when it comes to wholesome and delicious food. Everything from Chole Bathure to Sambar Dosa tastes like something incomparable. Every corner of the country has scrumptious food to offer. But if you think only Indians love their food, here you are wrong. With the passage of time, Indian food has made its room in every corner of the world. There are so many foreigners who love to indulge in Indian cuisines. Some only visit India to munch upon its famous dishes and with the introduction of Indian e-Tourist Visa, you can easily plan a trip to India just to let your taste buds enjoy the diverse foods of different states.
Let’s have a look at some of the Indian cuisines that foreigner loves to eat:

Gol Gappa

Apart from being Indians’ favourite dish, these fried balls of flour with potato fillings and mint & tamarind water have been a hit for the foreigners as well. It’s usually called Pani Puri in Mumbai, Gol Gappa in the north and Puchhka in the east, but they all taste delicious.


Biryani is a very famous delicacy that was introduced by the Mughals. A dish made with rice mixed with various spices, fish, eggs, meat or simply vegetables, it can be served both as a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish. Biryani can be seen on every menu in restaurants all over the globe. Hyderabad remains incomparable when it is about Biryani.

Sambar Dosa

Dosa is considered one of the healthy Indian breakfasts and it is also loved by foreigners around the world. The dish is made of rice flour, coconut and vegetables, hence a healthy option for all the foodies. If you are not a fan of Dosa, you can replace it with a tasty Idli.

Pav Bhaji

A Maharashtrian dish, pav bhaji is a quick and yummy snack. The foreigners love it for its satisfying taste and it doesn’t make your tummy feel heavy. You can enjoy the goodness of all the vegetables in one plate.

Chole Bathure

Chole Bathure is a heavy and tasty Indian option that you can have in breakfast, lunch or dinner. To truly enjoy the food of India, you cannot leave this country without trying a plate of chole bathure. Famous in Punjab, it is truly loved and enjoyed by foreigners as well.

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi can be seen everywhere in India and to your surprise, foreigners also love it. Made of mango and yoghurt, it is one of the most delicious drink that is enough to prevent you from the scorching summers of India.

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is a healthy and less spicy Indian cuisine loved by foreigners. Some foreigners are not in the habit of eating spicy food, so it is preferred most by them while in India.


Samosa needs no introduction and it is also loved by the foreigners for its unique taste. The mouth-watering samosa can be easily found on the streets of India as well as in the famous restaurants.

Butter Chicken and Naan

Another Indian food loved by foreigners from every corner of the world, Butter Chicken is a perfect combination of cream and spices. This dish is mainly eaten with Naan or you can also have it with Chapatti.

Aloo Parantha

Aloo Parantha tops the list of paranthas in India. The non-nationals also love this dish for its taste and wholesomeness. To get the real flavour of Aloo parantha, you can visit Chandni Chowk in Delhi or you can have the best of the paranthas in Amritsar.