A life that is beautiful is not that tough to achieve. Being in the melange of various
emotions is sometime what alone is needed to have the best experiences in life. A life full
of adventure is a life dreamt by many, travelling makes that possible. It could rightly be said that: ‘Travel is the living mantra, which transcends the human soul in its physical and emotional form to varied places, emotions and experiences. Of all the good vibe that we get while we travel we achieve an overall growth and understanding to live in a world full of diversity.

One of the places worth exploration is Norway’s capital city Oslo, set amidst the scenic beauty of the mountains and the lakes the city has it’s own liveliness which transforms the persons inner self filled with awe and inspiration. The easy transportation makes it all the more appealing to travel. One of the finest bus subways and trams can be easily utilised in the area. The city’s night life, clubs and restaurants bring mouth-watering flavours from all over the country as well as the exotic taste of the street food never burns a hole in the pocket. The museums and the thrift stores have some cool things that we can have a look at and buy. Set in the mountains the adventure-seekers can also have their fantasies full-filled while trekking to some of the most beautiful as well as adventurous hiking trails. Sports like biking and scuba is a major part of the area. The liberal policies of the Norwegians provide the LGBT community to have safe experience in the country. Without any restrictions, gays are more than welcome to have and spend the best time of their lives. Akurshus castle and fortress is one of the finest architectural heritage place. The Opera House at Oslo provides the best amusement to spend time and enjoy the performances.

Set in the colourful realm of the culture and the nature Oslo proves to be an amazing destination for all kinds of travellers and adventure-seekers.

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