They say travelling revitalises your soul, dispels all the unwanted tiredness from life and gives you a bucket of stories to tell. India, the melting pot of diverse culture and tradition, can serve as the perfect backdrop for such experiences. And in a month like December, it is  cherry on top, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the season of winters throughout the country that urges you enough to step out of your quilt and explore the scenic beauty of the world. Secondly, it’s also the season of holidays, Christmas and New Year Eve fuels your idea of vacationing. Now the most debatable question, which place to visit?

There is no denying the fact that India, being the motherland of such picturesque locales, it’s a mammoth of a task to come to a decision as to what place to explore. But India has it all, it can cater to the needs of different people with varied tastes. During this time span, North India is buried under the blanket of snow and chilly winds. If you love adventures, backpacking and trekking, then places like Manali, Kasol, Jammu-Kashmir are your go-to places. The architectural marvels of Jodhpur, Jaipur coupled with the mouth-watering delicacies of the Western region makes those places an ideal choice for sightseeing. A trip to Goa with friends is in almost everybody’s bucket list. Well there is some good news for the party-freaks because the winter season is the best time to visit this place. Beach parties, radiant lanes, and coastal food utterly transports you to the magnificent Portuguese land. The land of seven sisters, Eastern region is the most precious treasure of India. Places like Shillong, Guwahati have in abundance to offer especially to all you shutterbugs out there. Once in a while, go visit a place that you’ve never been before as time and tide will fade away but memories will remain forever.


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