Success, a term that has a different meaning for every individual. For some people, success is all about having a career they love and reaching a point of excellence. Truitt Battin, the young football prodigy is all about football. Since the age of six, Truitt always wanted to be a professional football player, but if life has taught us anything is that success doesn’t come easy.

Before Truitt was born, his parents couldn’t decide what to name him until they came upon an article on Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy. According to Truitt, “My parents liked the name, as well as he [was] a good Christian guy, so that’s how I got my name.” That is a notable story to tell but little did his parents knew that their son was one day going to make a name for himself, and become a sensation not just in the United States but also in Europe.

It is always a good thing to be passionate about your dreams, but passion without dream means nothing – it’s like a car without a full gas tank. Without talent people can only go so far but will never reach the top. Sir Ken Robinson, the author of the book, The Element, says that “no matter what you are good at — whether it’s writing, drawing, computer coding or motivational speaking — focus on that area and keep pursuing it.” Everyone is born with a gift, but it is our responsibility to find what it is and make ourselves better at it.

Truitt was one of those individuals who knew what they loved and what needs to be done to get better. His preferred position on the football field has always been on the left-wing which many know is one of the most challenging positions to play. However, Truitt trained himself through extensive and demanding training regime, making him one of the few players in the world who can score incredible goals with both legs.

The senior midfielder started his career from St. Charles East football team and was hoping to move to Europe after graduation to play professional football and compete in the big leagues. He currently plays Professional football in Croatia but has played in Switzerland for FC Sion and in Serbia for Red Star and FK Partizan.

It is said that failure is the best teacher as it teaches us what we lack and how we can improve in the best possible way. Not everyone reacts to failure the same way; some get broken while others leave things in the hands of luck. Truitt belonged to the third category. He knew football is an incredibly competitive sport that demands consistency, sacrifice, and dedication, and in order to make his way to the top, he needs to keep moving forward improving himself. When he changed clubs and moved to Europe, it was not easy for him because of the different style of play.

According to Truitt, “In the United States is more about passing and creating chances, in Europe, it’s the exact opposite, a player can steal the ball and use their skills to create a majestic goal.” Truitt preferred the European style of play because it allowed him to shine more showcase his talent.

In a very short time, Truitt became a sensation in Europe and got the attention of many clubs. He is known for his speed, vision on the field, and being able to cut in and out left and right with the ball and being able to shoot at any time. Early in his career, Truitt established himself as an attacking threat. He has both feet and speed, with and without the ball, and is known for being a breakthrough player. He used his God-given speed and vision to attack the opponent’s goal and score! His adaptation to the style of play was incredible. It didn’t take him much time to show the world what he was capable of.

Truitt has always been a hard worker on and off the field. He keeps himself motivated for every game even when the crowd is not in support. “It felt great,” Battin said. “Especially when you’re underdogs, and nobody really respects us, especially rankings-wise. It was good to prove everyone wrong…that’s just our motivation [to] just go harder and finish.” It shows how much as a player he has grown and continues to mature in the world of football