An attractive product packaging holds the power of influencing the buying decision of the consumers. That’s why every company wants to design the most attractive packaging for their products. But, getting the attention of the buyers amidst thousands of products isn’t an easy task.

So, if you are planning to design packaging for your product, then you need to do lots of research first. And your research starts with the tips which you should follow to compel the buyers and design an attractive packaging.

We have compiled the best tips that will assist you in creating an influential and compelling packaging design. Read on to know more.

Make it Simple:

The primary purpose of a product package is to provide necessary information about the product. Over designing your package can ruin this purpose. Too many colours, too many graphics and lots of texts will only create confusion among the audience.
So, you should always try to keep your design simple yet influential. The best option to present simplicity is choosing a minimalistic design. These designs are in trend nowadays. Packman creates minimalistic designs that are clean, consist of only a few classic colours and have very fewer elements. Due to the less quantity, people can easily focus on the main elements.

Make it Usable:

Try to create your packaging in such a way that it can be used for several purposes. People really like to buy things that come with additional benefits. Your product can create a special place in the heart of buyers if its package will be useful to them even after they have used the product.

One example of usable packaging is the Gems chocolate packaging design. The packet of this product is a ball which is filled with Gems chocolate. Now, the kids can play with the ball after eating the Gems. Adults will also like to purchase this product as it serves a dual purpose. In this way, you can also create usable designs.
Focus on Product Friendliness:
A package is designed for a specific product, but many companies forget about this basic thing while designing the packaging. Your packaging should align with the unique needs of a product. Otherwise, people will think twice before buying it.

To understand this, we will take the help of an example. You must have seen ketchup packed in glass bottles. Now, the packaging is not product friendly in this case because we can’t squeeze a glass bottle to use all the ketchup till the end. On the other hand, Heinz compressible upside-down bottles are more easy to use for ketchup. So, people usually go with the more practical and product friendly designs.

Keep the Content Short and Crisp:

You can use words along with the graphics to convey your meaning to the audience. But, nobody would like to read long texts on a package of a product. In addition, there is very limited space on the package of a product. Stuffing too many words and images can make everything messy.
So, keep the content short and crisp. Don’t use more than 9-10 words to write the tagline. Apart from it, the other information such as ingredients, other flavours, method of using, contact details etc. should also be to the point. It will help in making your package clean and attractive.
Break the Rules, but in a Right Way:
If you want your product to be noticed, then you need to break some conventions. You need to do something unique as unique things never go unnoticed. People stop by them and see them for sure. Usually, all industries have pre-decided packaging rules. For example, toothpaste comes in tubes, shoes come in boxes, and so on.
So, you can try something new. Nowadays, companies are trying innovative ways to capture attention. For example, earlier lipsticks used to come only in stick forms. Now, they also come in bottles with brushes, even they come in other types of containers as well. But, you should always keep the product friendliness in your mind while breaking the rules. The innovations should never hamper the customers’ experience.
Do Research on the Market Trends:
You should always do proper research about the new designing trends before selecting your design. Remember that things become trends only when they get a good response from the users. These trending designs are always the favourite of a majority of buyers, so knowledge of these is essential.
It’s not always necessary to go with trends, but knowing them will assist you in making a wise decision. Maybe a trend suits your product, and you get a unique idea to present your product according to that particular trend. So, search for all the popular trends to get better ideas.

Add a Touch of Humour:

A little bit of humour has never done any harm! Maybe it can bring a smile on the spectators face. Adding a touch of humour makes your product design interesting. You can also present everything in a straight forward manner, but there is no fun in it, right!
So, create some fun text or craft a few humorous graphics to make your product eye-catching. You can take the help of internet to see the examples of humorous packaging designs. That will help in brainstorming and reaching to the right idea.

Choose Different Colours from your Competitors:

Colours infuse life into the whole design of any package. So, you should always choose them wisely. You should not only consider your own products, but the similar products of your competitors to find out the right colour combination.

Considering the colour combination of your competitors is significant because you want your product to stand out. Knowledge of the designs and colours of these people will assist you in choosing something different, something which none of them has used.

So, follow the tips and see how your product will get the necessary attention of the buyers.