Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when people make efforts to show love to their special ones. Numerous plannings are kept in mind which mainly involves a good place to spend time followed by a sumptuous meal to end the day. Here is a list of 4 places with variable taste where one can easily make their V-Day memorable.

A trip to Hauz Khas can be kept in the bucket list if one is living in Delhi. Ancient sculptures with cool windy breeze make the perfect combination of reviving those old times of romance. The streets of Hauz Khas might be a little congested catering to the array of shops, Starbucks being one of them. In this street, a narrow road beside the “letterbox” leads to a building called Social. As we walk inside the building, a tattoo parlour can be noticed beside which a secretive door leading to a well-decorated restaurant comes as a surprise to the people who visit there. The restaurant serves wonderful food with an addition of an eye-catching view.

Another restaurant to try out in Hauz Khas is Mia Bella. If one has an inclination towards European food or willing to try them, this place is a must-go. The chef Mr. Jha recommends to try Spanish cuisine in the main-course. They also serve a wide range of mocktails and alcohol for which there is a separate counter headed by the assistant manager, Manoj. Beautifully Greek-inspired decoration make it instagram-worthy for people to capture their moments. The live singing sessions act as a way of relaxation.

The Rose café is especially for those who like the feel of old country vibe which can be understood from their interior decoration. They serve continental food some of which include cheesy garlic bread, spaghetti aglio olio with Bacon etc.

Lastly, one can visit Café Kota if they want to enjoy art along with food. Located in the non-smoking area inside the National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum towards the right direction is this café which has an indoor and outdoor seating. The well-decorated café has some of their famous dishes such as palak patte ki chaat, sabudana ki laddu, apple jalebi and chicken pasanda. After meal, to the left of the café they can take a walk to the museum where numerous tribal paintings on the wall can be seen. A market selling various handmade paintings, clay sculptures can be observed. The quietness of the place makes it ideal for spending time and capturing the pictures.