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  1. Venky, which SANAM music video still gives you goosebumps?

Not sure about goosebumps but I had a great time on the sets of our second music video ‘BEHKA’ as part of the SQS SUPASTARS album. Our video director, Shivraj Santhakumar (may his soul rest in peace) had a creative mind like no one else and his energy was super infectious. I also had a great time hanging with the dancers Anjali, Jessica, Giselle, Krissann, and the bumble-bee Liceria. Good times all in all.

  1. What is your fitness regime?

I like to do the basic stretches, push-ups, squats, and planks every day. I also practice yoga.

  1. An artist with whom you would love to jam any day anytime other than Sanam, Samar, and Keshav?

I love to jam with ALL musicians – I especially look forward to jams on jazz standards. I believe that there is much to learn from meeting other musicians – everyone has a unique way of perceiving/performing a standard.

  1. What makes your day?

A fresh cup of coffee - I prefer to use a Moka pot and I try to grind the beans just before brewing it.

  1. A high point of your life?

Making music a career.

  1. The last line of your autobiography would read…

The pursuit of happiness lies in living in the moment.

  1. If you weren't a member of SANAM, you would be... ?

A professional musician. Or I’d be working in finance or events. Or both.

  1. "Behind every man's success, there's a woman." Would you agree?

True. I’d like to say that whatever I know about Indian Film music is because of mum who loved to watch TV. I guess that’s why I’m familiar with a lot of the classics. She still loves to listen to music and whenever I’m back at home I find comfort with the sound of her tapping her foot to music.

  1. Do you have a thing for hats? By the way, you look the most edgy and the most fashionable member.

I’ve always liked fedoras and pork pie hats. I like to pick up hats when I travel outside the country. I even like hip hop hats and baseball caps, I might wear them more often.

  1. What keeps SANAM together as a band?

 I guess friendship. That we know each other as friends first, and that’s what made it easy to work with each other while making music.

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