The word travel perks up the ears and results in the turning of many heads. Attention is shifted and focused. More often than not finding the best guide to travelling can be a task but worry not! Here we are giving you the best guide to your travel in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a southeast Asian country known for its wonderful landmarks which include beaches, busy cities and ancient towns. Taking you on a virtual tour of all these breathtaking destinations, here are the best travel vlogs and blogs on You tube  concerning Vietnam –

1) Tobi Schnorpfeil Filmmaker – With over 22k subscribers and a blooming channel, he takes us on to the most famous tourist spots in Vietnam. It is more of a visual and can give you a sense of the environment in the place.

2) HAUSOFCOLOR – This video blog gives the complete guidebook for travelling in the country. She lists out all the destinations and gives us an essence of the place through
the visuals and words explaining the qualities of the place. We can see her exploring the local markets, small towns and restaurants.

3) Wil Dasovich – takes us on a tour of how to travel in Vietnam. He spots all the local places and food joints. This one is really a must – watch for motorcycle lovers.

4) Marianna Hewitt – has over 283k subscribers and gives us a personal flavor of her travel in the southeast country. She explores Ho Chi Minh city and more.

5) Mark Wiens – goes on a journey of the city Saigon and lists out things we can do and enjoy. This video really helps out in the planning of what to do in the city. He is a food
lover and explorer.

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