The saying “what goes around comes around” may be intended to describe karma but it also works perfectly to explain the cycle of fashion. Vogue and Couture that were once considered trendy become old and ugly, only to be reborn and re-worn decades later and that cycle seems to be turning quicker than ever. Less than 20 years later, fashion that was considered cool in the ’90s is back in vogue again. This look is inspired and curated on the retro theme in which frilled shirts and flowers are the centre of attraction which comprises of tucks, scallops, accordion pleats and “double ruffles”. The bow plays the role of icing.

The vintage trend is already alluring everyone and is the driving force of today’s fashion but this time it’s kind of a fusion with urban style too. The super stylish pleated skirt should be paired with your attire to embrace the look like nothing else can, it’s a simple skirt with a knot and nothing much. Also you can carry the embellishments like a spiffy bag which gels with the look so perfectly. Let’s have a look at various embellishments that will surely catch your eye.


Sequins never go out of style and just because the party season is over it doesn’t mean that we have to forget the glitz and glamour. Take inspiration from the Marc Jacobs and Versace catwalks and mix them with a bit of 80s and 90s panache so that you’re sure to be the life of the party. Whether you want the full razzle-dazzle or are looking to add a touch of sparkle with some vintage accessories.


Vintage effect is in the air with a touch of bold! Going bold is all about accepting your body and personality to its fullest. A great sense of dauntless style should come naturally and it should be something out of the box. But, most importantly, it must be character-affirming. So, don’t hesitate anymore! Add a touch of boldness in your life, it’s eye-catching and captivating.


From Alexander McQueen to Valentino, ruffles were all over the Spring/Summer 2018 catwalks. Adding a bit of feminine flair to any outfit, ruffles are a detail that will always make your outfit more exciting. This is one trend that keeps coming back season after season and with so many great vintage blouses and dresses that have ruffle details, we can’t complain.

With these trends in mind we’re sure that your Spring/Summer 2018 wardrobe will be as stylish as ever and by shopping vintage, you know that you will have a unique look that no one can imitate. So be ready to slay this season with a pinch of vintage.


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