If you are in India on a weekend,specially in Delhi,the capital city of India,then you have many places around you to look on weekend.Either you are a foodie or a photographer or a traveler and found of visit places with different vibrations of people and culture,Delhi is the right place for you to look around and have fun around.Below are few of them.

delhi-red-fortThe Red Fort

The Red Fort of Delhi,located in the center of the city,standing high for more then 200 years and was home of Mughals until 1857.It displays the vibrant art and culture of the era of Mughal rule over India.It took more then 10 years to build the fort and initially it was white.Yes,the lime stones were used to construct the fort but afterwards due to chipping off,it was painted red by the Britishers. You have roam around if you have great photographic skills and have interest in ancient cultures and monuments. Its is a place where you can spent your whole day looking its beauty and museums around it.Its the perfect place where you can spent you weekend.

Qutub Minar

qutur-minarThis is the perfect place to enjoy your weekend . Qutub Minar is a 5 stories building with balconies all around it.It was made by Qutubudin Aibak in 1192.The height of Qutub Minar is around 73 Meters and have 380 steps from bottom to top.Qutub Minar have some adjoining monuments around it.The Qutub complex nearby have Iron pillar which have its own attraction in world.It is said the if someone stands in front of the pillar having his back towards the pillar and can encircle his both arms around it can turn his all wishes become true.But these days there is a fence around it for its safety.If you are photographer,this place is a heaven for in Morning specially in winters and Evenings in summers.Travelers from India and all round the world have this place in there check list of places to visit.So weekend here is so happening.

Connaught Place

cpThis place is always happening on weekends.As the heart of the city you can always feel the vibrant colors of modern India here.You will nice young crowd here hanging around with friends at numerous    amount of restaurants and and street food stalls.You will find many relaxing places around.The central park built above the Rajeev Chauk metro station gives chilling,relaxing feeling.People plays musical instruments like guitar and mouth organ.Connaught place is constructed in such a way that it make two concentric circular passage around which the shopping complex is located.Walking in these passages with friends or mates is very much soothing.You can spent your whole weekend walking around the circle and eating some great road side foods.

 India Gate

india-gateHalf of the Delhi enjoy their weekend evening at India Gate enjoying “Chuski”(Crushed Ice with flavored syrup spreaded over it).At weekends the you will get space even to park you car. Chuski is one of the famous thing for which people come here.More over here thay also enjoy the boating,the green sight all around.If you are a foodie,you  can have some good road side taste.Its also a place for Painters,Musicians,artisans to show their talent to all.This is a place which can be enjoyed by photographers,travelers, foodies and any one who just want to enjoy the weekend.

Chandni Chawk

chandni_chowkA crowded place with lots of stuff of shopping.What you can think,you will find it here in Chandni Chawk.Located in Old Delhi near Red fort,Chandni Chawk has its own raw taste of Old Delhi.Some of the most spies-est snacks maker are available here.For foodies its a must place to visit.If you are found of Shopping of Indian ethnic fashion,you will find many good places to see or to buy your favorite designs.Its an awesome  place for shopping geeks.So be there this weekend.

Jama Masjid

Jama MasjidNear by  Chandni Chawk,Jama Masjid is located.As a monument its remarkable in terms of its construction and architecture.Also you will find a different welcoming culture around here.Near Jama Masjid some of most famous Non-Vegetarian restaurants are  available and believe me once you are here,you will come back again to have you lunch or dinner.Its a perfect place to sit and enjoy you weekend,eating.

Select City Walk

select-city-walkOne of the most happening place in Delhi.Its a shopping mall but regardless its a mall,its more a hangout place all.Adjoining two more shopping mall around it,its a best place to shopping ,eating or just relaxing.

So these are few places where you can roam with your friends and family,enjoy food and have fun.

I left many place intentionally,because you cannot go all the places in one day.So next week I will be coming with some more place,people and colors.