What Are the Best Natural Remedies for Common Cold?

Common cold and cough is the thing that one suffers almost once a year. For this reason, you certainly use drug store cough syrups, which are effective, but, when you are not able to go to the store, you can always find relief from the things in your home.
Natural remedies for cough are a well-known thing, and from the old times, this very thing is followed by people. You will find your grandma recommends the same. So, without thinking much about it, you must go for home remedies for a common cold. Thus, here, are some tips, you might find helpful.

Honey tea

If you have used torex cough syrup, you must go for this remedy, which is honey tea. For this, you have to pour 1 tablespoon of honey into the cup and have a slice of lemon and then, mix it with warm water. In so many researches it has been shown that,m it helps in reducing cough. You can have this drink with herbal tea as well. However, you must not give this mixture to 1-year-old kids.


This very thing helps in the resolution of asthmatic or dry cough. Ginger has the best inflammatory ingredient in it, which reduces pain and nausea. This is very useful in relaxing the airway membranes. To get the best effect from it, you have to boil water and add ginger slices into it. You can always put honey and lemon juice in it. This will improve the taste and then again you must take notice that ginger can cause heartburn and you can have a stomach issue.


If you are having cough then it’s always important that you stay hydrated, so you have to start drinking lots of fluid, and make sure they are in room temperature, not too hot or cold. In here, you can always check the torex cough syrup benefits, and it will help you know more about the better remedies from a common cold. Moreover, you can always have clear broths, warm fruit juice, warm water, herbal teas.

Marshmallow root

This very root is in use for a long time in the history itself. If you go for this, it will create an irritation inside your throat which will draw out the mucus that was residing inside your chest. In so many researches it has been found out that cough syrups have marshmallow roots in them, that’s why they can give faster relief from the health issue.
This very root is available as tea bags, and you can add hot water with it and drink it to get relief. You also have to soak the tea bag a little longer in the warm water and this way the more mucus will get out from your throat. There are side effects of it as well, which is a stomach problem.


When you feel a sore throat or clogged nose, you can have this, and it will give you relief from bronchitis, also indigestion issues. You can have thyme leaves with warm water, and steep the leaves into it for at least 10 minutes then strain it to drink the tea.
Check out these herbal remedies for cough, and you will certainly get better relief. You can also make use of cough syrup.