Child personal accident cover, as the name suggests, safeguards your child from the unforeseen expenses incurred due to any unforeseen incident or injury. According to a survey, children below the age of 4 years often suffer more accidents, whereas older children are more susceptible to suffering fractures. Young children mostly suffer from falls, burns and scalds, poisoning and glass-related accidents, suffocating and choking and drowning. Thus, to keep a child safe from such accidents, parents can opt for a child PA cover.

Coverage you should look for under a child PA insurance plan

  • High coverage at an affordable premium

Children being young and energetic tend to suffer several injuries while playing outside or at school, riding a bicycle, etc. In such cases, having a contingency fund is vital to save your child from facing any delays in medical treatment. A child PA cover can be of great use here; guardians can purchase this policy to assist them financially.

  • Disability cover

Every parent has to purchase a health insurance policy for their children, but these policies often don’t provide disability cover. This child health insurance policy, on the other hand, provides protection against permanent and partial disability.

  • Cover the hospital expenses

In case of an unforeseen incident, this child health program can assist guardians to pay for hospital charges as well as other costs like OPD charges, lab tests, medicines, etc. Conventional health insurance policies often don’t cover OPD charges or lab tests.

Child health insurance plans offer an additional cover to the parents and assist them financially to cope with the necessary medical expenses in case of an accident to their kids. Thus, a parent looking to purchase such an insurance policy can refer to renowned insurance provider Bajaj Finserv who offers the Child Personal Accident Cover under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. The additional benefits of this policy are –

  • Hassle-free application process

Guardians can apply for a child PA cover online by filling up an online application process. After that, they can pay for it through online payment methods like net banking, debit/credit cards, UPI, and mobile wallet. Once the payment is confirmed, and details are verified, policyholders will receive the confirmation over their mobile number or email.

  • Disability cover

This policy provides permanent as well as partial disability cover of up to Rs.1 lakh.

  • Medical costs

This policy offers coverage up to Rs.1 lakh to pay for the medical costs.

  • Affordable premium

This policy has an affordable annual premium of Rs.349.

  • Hassle free claiming process

Parent can lodge a claim against this policy either online or by calling the toll free number.

  • Online application

Parents can purchase this policy online by filling up the application form and paying the premium amount through online payment methods. After completing this process, they will receive policy details on their phone or e-mail.

Parents who are planning to avail this child PA cover can additionally opt for a hospital cash cover to give them extra assistance in case of an accident.

In addition to both these policies, parents can avail an infection insurance cover for their child also. This plan provides coverage for hospitalisation expenses along with doctor’s fees, medication expenses and diagnostics tests.

It is not unnatural for children to not get into accidents and injured, it is also not strange for parents to be worried about their child. Thus, to mitigate this tension, parents can opt for a child PA cover which will assist them financially in such cases. However, parents must consider the aspects not covered under this policy to make a comprehensive decision.