CBD has been preferred by people who don’t trust human-made medicines for pain relief. If you are a believer of Cannabinoids, then it is likely that you know which pharmaceuticals did CBD replace in your life or has the potential to replace in your life. If you are a non-believer, then it is advised that you read on to know which pharmaceuticals CBD can replace in your life. It may help you to turn into a believer too.

Research on the connection between Pharmaceuticals and CBD

Research shared by Brightfield Group, an independent marketing research firm that was conducted in partnership with HelloMD has revealed that many people are using CBD instead of pharmaceutical drugs these days. This study was conducted using a sample of 2400 participants, and its aim was to understand the CBD market, product varieties, growth potential and the users of CBD.

The data

This research unveiled that though 57 percent of CBD users are using both cannabis and other medications, about 42 percent have also left pharmaceuticals behind and are trusting only best CBD oils to treat their medical conditions. Some of the conditions in which cannabis can prove to be more effective than pharmaceuticals are insomnia, anxiety, depression, and joint pain & inflammation. There are various brands available in cbd like nuleaf naturals, hemp bomb etc. You can get discounts on nuleaf naturals and also various brands from various sources on the internet.

The results of this study have also mentioned that 69% of participants considered CBD (derived from hemp) to be more effective or much more effective for treating different conditions as compared to over the counter pharmaceuticals. About 52% of participants also admitted that CBD products were more effective or much more effective in offering relief from medical conditions in comparison with prescription medications.

Which conditions can CBD treat?

Though CBD can provide relief and even beat pharmaceuticals in various conditions, some of the common conditions in which relief is common are listed here

Chronic pain
Sleep disorders

Why are pharmaceuticals being replaced by CBDs?

One strong reason why pharmaceuticals are being replaced by CBDs is that the US pharmaceutical industry is among the most expensive in the world. It costs $80 billion a year. Another strong reason is that most pharmaceutical drugs are addictive and can make you dependent. One more reason that comes to mind is that many drugs have serious side effects that can deteriorate the health of a person further and even lead to death. Tens of thousands of people die due to drug-related deaths every year.

The Vital Changes

People’s attitudes are also changing when it comes to having CBD. More and more people are using THC or CBD oils for recreational and medical reasons. Even the government’s attitude has changed because CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 states in the US and several states allow people to smoke marijuana for recreational purposes as well.

What pharmaceutical drugs can CBD replace in your life?

Ambien (Prescribed for Sleep)

If you have or had sleep problems before, it is very likely that you tried this medication. It is known as Zolpidem in other nations. This medication is meant for short term insomnia but is, unfortunately, the most highly abused drug in the US. It is also very addictive and can make you dependent or addictive in just a short period. Some of the side effects of this medication are nausea, headaches, weakness, dizziness, muscle pain, etc.

CBD for Sleep is a perfect replacement for Ambien because it can help you sleep better and doesn’t have any weird side effects like pharmaceutical medication.

Zoloft (Prescribed as an Antidepressant)

Considered as one of the most overly prescribed psychiatric medications in the US aiming to help with short term conditions like panic, depression, OCD, Sad and PTSD, this medication is a popular Sertraline Hydrochloride pill. About 80 percent of people who are on this drug admit that they have taken it in the long term which proves that it’s quite addictive. It also leads to side effects like shakiness, sweating, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, sore throat, seizures, headaches, hallucinations, and unusual bleeding or bruising among others.

Replacing this medication with cannabis is smart as it can enhance the release of dopamine levels in your brain to fight depression and improve the mood. CBD for Depression should be taken at night by the patients to see best results.

Adderall (Prescribed as a Stimulant)

It is quite popular in younger generations and has named like speed or the study drug. It can help with increasing focus, reducing appetite and diminishes the need for sleep. Primarily created to help patients with narcolepsy or ADHD, the drug is abused widely now. It has led to addiction and overdose. It also has side effects like anxiety, tremors, agitation, anxiety, stomach pain, loss of appetite, hair loss, nervousness, and blurred vision among others.
Cannabis strains that are designed to serve a purpose can help you with all the things you trust Adderall for without the harmful side effects.

Vicodin (Prescribed for Pain)

Made by combining acetaminophen and hydrocodone, this drug though designed to help with pain is extremely addictive. As hydrocodone is an opioid and the cases of opioid addiction are too common in the US, one can conclude that this drug is a bad idea. It also has pretty serious side effects like urinary issues, liver failure, jaundice and some common side effects like constipation, nausea, vomiting or light-headedness.
If you don’t want to be the next victim of opioid addiction, it’s better to trust CBD for pain relief, even chronic pain relief. You get relieved from different types of pain without additional side effects using CBD.

Xanax (Prescribed for Anxiety)

Commonly found in the medicine cabinet of most people, this medication belongs to the Benzodiazepines class of medications. It helps a person feel calm and relaxation quickly and shows results swiftly. But it has a long list of side effects that include but are not limited to anxiety, confusion, fainting, muscle twitching, memory impairment, and muscle cramps.
CBD for Anxiety is a great alternative to Xanax as it can help improve your mental health along with reducing anxiety.

Can you maximize the effect of CBD?

When you are hoping to try CBD for any health ailment like CBD for stress if you think too much and can’t make your mind stop from overthinking, then you should know that just taking CBD and replacing the stress relieving pharmaceuticals might not give optimal results. You need to do some other activity and make a few lifestyle changes to ensure that CBD can give you maximum benefit. You should know that well-rounded recovery is the goal, not solving a health problem for a while.

Some of the activities recommended by health professionals and other experts are massages, hot & cold therapy, yoga sessions, exercising regularly and having a smart & healthy diet. Though most of these are obvious, they are mentioned here to remind you that these activities can enhance your speed on the path of recovery and allow you to live a happier and healthier life.

Many people think that CBD is not effective when they are at fault. For instance, they are living a sedentary lifestyle that worsens their health. If your health condition is making it tough to hit a yoga session or go for a swim to remain active, we suggest that you use CBD oil just before a session and use the time when you get relief to indulge in these activities.
Just remember not to overdo it and do these activities at a level your body can tolerate. There have been instances where people overdid themselves when they had pain relief after CBD oil massage and it deteriorated their health and made them bedridden for a while.
A few key reasons why people are considering CBD over pharmaceuticals are:

You don’t think of seeking street drugs- Yes, street drugs are a reality and very harmful. When you get relief with CBD, you might not be tempted to try illegal street drugs.
There have been no reports of death from an overdose of CBD- While thousands of people die due to opioid addiction, CBD hasn’t proved to be a killer yet.
Access to quality, organic and full spectrum CBD oils is now easier – You can buy it online or offline with ease. Just read the reviews before paying for a product.


In essence, it can be said that the answer to what pharmaceuticals did CBD replace in your life can include many commonly prescribed medications that are harming you in irrevocable ways without you being aware of it. It’s high time you do some research and try cannabis for your medical condition to see how it can help you. Once you find the right strains for the right condition, it is likely that you won’t need to turn to pharmaceutical medications again as cannabis can deliver consistent results for many years.