bannerghatta safari

bannerghatta safarIt was a bright sunny day,I was in Bangalore at my brother’s place and suddenly we decided to visit to Bannerghatta  National Park in Bangalore. We were in 2010 so there was no Ola or some cab service.We booked the local taxi and we left for the National park.I was with my father.We both have a distinct feeling of travel.When we reached to bannerghatta,I had a feeling that I would see the white tiger very closely.We booked a safari and we had the waiting of 30 minutes at least as the bus from inside yet to arrived.We were looking at the birds and monkeys around.

bannerghatta safarSuddenly I heard a gun shot.It was a moment when my soul was out of my mouth.I felt that the tiger for which I am here is very near to me.Then people told me that the rangers sometimes do that when tigers or lions gets excited after seeing so many people around themselves.

img_6794After around 45 minutes the bus arrived.It was a thrilling moment for both of us.The bus was full in a fraction of a minute and it was ready for its another voyage.For me it was a voyage as it was my first visit to any national park.I was excited and was feeling that I must see the white tiger as I heard that in Bannerghatta there was lots of white tigers.

bannerghatta safariInitially when we entered the gate,the view was normal.It was green all around.For 10 minutes the view was same.After that we first saw the wild Buffalo. It was very near to the bus.The bus was caged so it was no chance for any animal to come inside the bus but for precautionary purpose it was told to us to stay away from the door of the bus.I was chill that time as it was just a buffalo.I went to the door took my head out of the window and clicked a nice picture.

bannerghatta safariAs we moved further we saw Deers,chinkaras,Horned deers and many other animals.But I was waiting for something for which I came to see “The white tiger”.It was told to me that only few of the was left in the park so I was more worried if I could see it or not.

bannerghatta safariThen we entered to the zone which was the place where Lions had been kept.I was also desperate to see lions with my naked eyes as till that time I saw them only on National Geographic Channel.

bannerghatta safariWe entered in that zone and we saw a black bear lying on the path of the bus.As this incident happened 6 years back so my maturity level was also 6 years younger then today.I was sitting previously but when we entered into the lion’s zone I came to the door of the bus as it was giving me the perfect close view.The bus driver tried very hard to let the bear away from path and it took him around 15 minutes to do this.

bannerghatta safariMoving further,was the view which was astonishing for me.I was watching lion cubs playing around a lioness while the lioness was chilling under the shadow of a tree. A lion was watching our bus so carefully as the moment for him was to get alerted. The lion’s zone was full of lions and they were roaming all around the bus,the driver told me to stay away from the door,but I was a brave heart and fearless human being just before the incident next happened.

My dad again asked me to came back to the seat where I was seated but I told him that I want to take the photographs so I would be standing on the door keeping my head outside of the window with the DSLR which I borrowed from by brother for this trip.

bannerghatta safariAfter the lion’s zone we entered to the white tiger’s zone.I was filled with the joy as my dream to see the white tiger was about to became true. Keeping my head out of the door’s window I was looking for the white tiger.Suddenly the bus was stopped and in front of me was a white tiger sitting on the ground with closed eyes.

bannerghatta safariI was capturing these moments to my brain through my eyes and suddenly what happened just popped my heart out,the door got opened and I was out of the bus.I had nothing but my camera in my hands and in front of me there was two gigantic white tigers.It was a matter of hardly 2 minutes when I was pulled by my dad back to the bus but those 2 minutes gave me the memory for the whole life.When I was out of the bus and was in front of the tiger,I shouted on it “Hey look at me”,the tiger turned his face to me and then “I had to shoot the tiger” with my camera just before I was pulled back to the bus.

I was back to my seat and people were looking at me as I had shoot the tiger with the gun.For me it was a moment for the life time.And I had kept that memory with me since then.It was a heart freezing moment and not actually an adventure for anyone but for me it was an adventure for the life time.

bannerghatta safari


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