There is no doubt that seafood is a delicious and healthiest food with numerous vitamins and minerals essential for perfect health. However, the seafood can be hazardous to our health due to the presence of high mercury content. The higher consumption of eating that kind of seafood can drive you to the matter of life and death. So, it is important to be conscious of the type of fish you are eating. Here is a list of seafood that you should avoid eating too much or not eat it at all. We need to be careful with the food we are getting from oceans and lakes. Many people prefer to buy seafood based on its flavor and texture, but they are not aware of the fact that what they are consuming can be a real threat to their health.

Imported catfish

Most of the catfish that gets imported to the US belongs to Vietnam. The two species of catfish that are known as Swai and Basa are not constituted to the same inspections as other catfish species. This is because these are not considered catfish at all.
The Vietnamese catfish confront the issues like polluted water, so after reaching to the US shores these are inspected under a controlled environment. The US farmers are trying to spread awareness that the Vietnamese catfish should be completely avoided and people need to consume only the US-originated catfish.
The seafood consumption and seafood delivery in Dubai have also increased drastically. There is a foremost need for defined laws to save consumers from the intake of seafood that is chemical contaminated.


These predators are called blue water fish. It is one of the biggest among fish species. They have a maximum length of 14 feet and weighabout 1985 pounds. They prefer surface water and are also fastest when it comes to hunting their prey.
Though it is not meant to consume too much, the fish is being served in certain areas of Japan where it is popular as sashimi. These contain increased levels of mercury that is the reason it is recommended to avoid eating too much.


Just like marlin, these most dominant predatory fish are also higher in mercury. Though many species of shark lies in endangered species, it is legal to consume it in the United States. The major issues that sea sharks face these days are finning. The finning involves removing their fins then release them back to the water. Most of them die due to their inability to save themselves from other predators because of removed fins. Their fins tend to sell for higher prices in the market so, fishermen prefer to cut off their fins instead of bringing the shark all along to the markets. There is a foremost need of banning these acts of cruelty by the state government.
So, don’t eat shark at all because of their depleting population and to save yourself from numerous health issues.


For many years, people have been told not to consume too much swordfish because they may get mercury poisoned. Besides that, the declining population of swordfish is going to make it to the endangered species list. The restaurants also need to take initiative as not serving this fish to the public at all.The dilemma is that most of the swordfish that are being caught are not fully grown and are undersized.
The pregnant women should avoid eating these whatsoever as the exposure to the mercury could be risky.


Shrimp is a well-known seafood in North America, besides being delicious eating it could not be good for your health. As most shrimps are farmed into small ponds, the overcrowding makes it worse. The shrimps that are habitats of rivers, lakes, and sea could not make it well when crammed in small pools. Their pond gets polluted soon with their poop, which then becomes a homeland for bacteria and parasites. There are a variety of shrimp species and they source plenty of proteins and are low in calories. It is difficult to find out consuming what kind of species are good for health and which are hazardous.


Tilapia can cause numerous health issues, that is the reason why you should avoid eating it. There are enormous quantities of omega-6s in tilapia and source huge amounts of carcinogens that is way more than the other species that are farm-raised. The arachidonic acid that is responsible for Alzheimer’s disease is high in tilapia. The dioxin that is responsible for cancer may also present in this species, but it all depends on what has been fed to it. Always prefer the wild-caught fish on farm-raised one because you never know in which conditions that fish is raised.

Besides being delicious, several types of seafood may cause serious damage to your health. It’s important to be careful about the fish you choose to eat. Some fish are high in mercury which makes them extremely hazardous to the health. Some are contaminated with harmful chemicals that could lead to devastating effects.