While giving answers and asking questions you might have noticed that your answers and questions are getting deleted. Below are some reasons

  1. Questions can be one liners but answers cannot. Your answers must be descriptive with minimum 100 words . One liners or one word will be deleted by our quality team ask soon as they see it.
  2. Political , physical,mental or any other abuse will not be accepted and your answer or question will be deleted . Repetition will lead to deletion of account.
  3. Questions must be asked in header section only. If our team see it was asked in description they will delete it.
  4. Copy and pasting from any other platform is not acceptable. We have a very intelligent system to take care of all this and tells us everything going on around the community.
  5. Disrespect to any member of the community leads to deletion of account without asking any question.
  6. You can be eyes of us also. When ever you see any question or answer with a doubt or not following above rules . Report it to us. We will take care of that.
  7. Keep your profile clean. No spammy , abusive , adult questions and answers are allowed. Repetition will lead to deletion of account.

Happy Answering.