These are the times when men as young as 20 begin to develop hair fall. Apart from cases where there is a need of medical intervention, many times hair fall and hair thinning can be contained by identifying the reasons and working on solutions. Genetic causes, lifestyle factors, and underlying skin conditions are the three main reasons of hair-loss in young men. While dealing with hair-loss due to genetic causes and skin ailments may need a trip to a trichologist/dermatologist, lifestyle-related hair loss can be dealt with by switching to a healthier lifestyle and products with fewer chemicals.

Hair oil, shampoo, and a conditioner are three main hair-care products which are used universally by everyone who has the slightest of idea about hair-care. But, these same products, if not scrutinised well for the ingredients in it, may impair your hair growth and either aggravate or give rise to issues such as itching, hair-loss, etc. For example, if you are using a hair oil which claims that it can help your hair grow better, but contains mineral oil as one of the key ingredients in it; then it is going to do more harm than good. By now, it is a well-known fact that hair oils with mineral oil irritate the scalp and affect hair growth adversely.
So, what are the choices you have? Well! Follow one simple tip. Before buying any hair-care product, read the label and check if the hair-products you are buying contain argan oil, and if yes, what is its percentage in the total composition? This easy-to-remember and easy-to-follow tip may not only help men with hair-related issues such as dryness, hair-loss, dandruff etc., but also prevent them from wasting money on chemical-laden hair-care products.

Why Argan Oil?

Out of so many many ingredients in hair-care products, why should one look primarily for Argan oil in it? Multiple benefits for all hair-types is the answer to this question. It is not only one of the best oils to make hair grow faster, but has many other advantages. Let us look at these in greater detail.

Storehouse of Vitamin E

Vitamin E makes your hair healthier and aids hair growth. As an antioxidant, it may boost cell renewal and encourage new hair growth.

Mimics the natural oils

Argan oil mimics the properties of natural oils produced by the scalp. Hence, when you apply argan oil or products containing argan oil, it helps in two ways— for those with oily scalp, it helps break the vicious cycle of shampoo to get rid of oiliness, temporary dryness which drives the sebum to produce more oil, back to excessively oily hair. For those with dry hair, argan oil works as an excellent moisturizer. It forms a protective barrier against hair strands and prevents frizz and breakage caused by dryness.

May Help Reverse Damage

Using argan oil regularly may help reverse the damage cause by using artificial hair-colors, hair-styling products, and heat treatment. It helps minimize split ends and bring gloss back to your hair.

Will argan oil be effective when mixed with other ingredients?

Whether you wish to use products with argan oil for hair or just to manage your either excessively oily or dry tresses, no results will be achieved if its efficacy gets lost. Hence, along with buying hair-care products with argan oil, it is important to take a look at other ingredients too. If there are way too many harsh chemicals alongside argan oil, then you are better off without it. Instead, look for hair-care products with no parabens and sulphates and argan oil listed not later than the first row of ingredients mentioned on the label. Remember that argan oil is an expensive product. It is extracted manually from seeds of argan trees which grow in Morocco. So, any product which claims to have argan oil in it and costs incredibly less, chances are that you are being duped.
If no hair-care product meets your expectations, buy Bhringraj and Basil oil as nothing beats it as the best oil for hair growth. Apply it every alternate day and leave it overnight for best results.

Though, argan oil is on the higher side of the price index, it does not turn out to be enormously expensive in the long run as it has a rich texture. So, a few drops of argan oil will be enough for men with small-to-medium length of hair.
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