There was a time when the words women and technology was seldom used together. People somehow had the notion that women and technology don't mix. But, now times have changed, and women have pushed apart the barrios set by society to make their presence felt and valued in every single industry and technology. Coming to technology, website designing technology is making waves of changes in recent years as nowadays websites are an integral part of every business. Web designing is vital to the success of any business as the first impression any client gets about a business is through its website. I had a chance to talk with one of my friends, Eivine Renny, who works in a reputed Web Designing company based in Chennai and Tirunelveli. She was raving about the growth of website design technology and the way women have come to the forefront in the field of technology, citing examples from the company she works for.

“Women May Hold Up Half Of The Sky”

This Chinese proverb holds true in today’s world of technology as half the number of users of technology is women. More and more women are coming in the forefront to work in the field of technology and are making their presence felt in more ways than one. Let us take a quick look at how gender diversity benefits in the field of technology:

  •   Better Problem-Solving Skills

Women, in general, are well-known for their problem-solving skills. Decades of searches further prove the theory. It is said that if you collaborate as a team of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, and sexual orientations; you can come up with better ideas. It helps in diversifying the thought process and understanding points from different perspectives. Women are said to have improved innovative capabilities and are experts in handling problems even in stressful situations.

  •   Increased Revenues

This is one of the simplest and compelling reasons of all! In a recent survey conducted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, researchers proved with results that the diversity of genders would help to generate more revenue than usual. Thus, it was concluded that the presence of women in the field of technology helps in improving the system as a whole, which leads to better results and better revenues.

  •   Innovative Ideas

Women are often observed to come up with more innovative ideas. This is one of the reasons why they are great at website designing technology. Website designing technology is one of the most innovative fields which keeps updating as per the latest trends and technological advancements. Women, with their multi-tasking abilities, creative thinking, and innovative ideas make up to be perfect competent in the field of web designing technology.

  • A Different Outlook, A Different Angle

They do not say men are from Mars and women are from Venus for nothing! The way a woman looks at things can be entirely different when compared to men. They have a different angle of approach to things, and this can have a significant impact in the field of web designing technology. You get to access and interpret ideas from different angles when we take the opinion of both the genders.

  • The Multi-Tasking Queens!

Did you know that women are great at multitasking much better than men? They get it naturally as they juggle between home and professional commitments with ease. The same multi-tasking ability can work wonders in the field of web designing technology too! Web designing technology involves many stages, and it can be a bit riddle some. But, women can handle it with ease and make impactful changes in the field of technology.

These are some of the reasons why women play a pivotal role in the web designing technology of today! Let us reach out for greater heights with the magical aura of women in technology!